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Here's How To Hide Your Bangs When You're Sick of Them Already

It's time to move on.
Here's How To Hide Your Bangs When You're Sick of Them Already
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It's time to move on.

Bangs. You loved the way they made you look extra cool, but you've decided it's time to move on. They're high-maintenance and temperamental, and you've had enough! But, we must warn you: Growing them out is a different kind of challenge...a.k.a. be prepared to still be annoyed, too. It's hard to tame random strands away from your face. You have to be creative.

That said, we round up the five ways you can hide your bangs while you wait for them to grow long. Check out our style suggestions below:

  1. With pretty hair clips

    Keep your bangs away from your face by securing them with barrettes. Hair clips are still a thing, so you'll surely look good and on-trend while hiding your struggles with your fringe.

  2. With a headband

    Another hair accessory you can rely on to hide your bangs is a headband. A word of caution though, sometimes the tips of the fringe tend to stick out at the back. To prevent this, massage hair serum on the ends before styling.

  3. With braids

    If you've got more time in the morning, braiding your bangs is a trick you can try to keep them away from your face. Plus, no one will suspect that you're growing them out. People will just think that you're into experimenting with hairstyles!

  4. With center-part twists

    Part your hair in the middle, twist your bangs away from your forehead, and clip with a barrette or a tiny banana clip—that's all!

  5. With tons of hair spray

    Now let's pull out the big guns: Spritz hair spray on a fine-toothed comb and brush the bangs to ~blend in~ with the rest of your hair. Repeat this step until you get a polished, sleek, pulled-back look.

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