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How To Help Prevent Irritation If You Shave Your Underarms Regularly

Minimize the damage caused by shaving with these tips.
How To Help Prevent Irritation If You Shave Your Underarms Regularly

Removing unwanted hair is always a challenge, especially when you’re pressed for time during busy days. Even with all the hair removal options that are currently offered, the most popular method, especially for Filipinas, is still shaving.

Some sources indicate that shaving can help minimize body odor and sweat due to the absence of hair, but ultimately, it boils down as the most convenient way to remove it—especially since you can pretty much shave in the comfort of your own space, whenever, wherever.

However, there are also trade-offs that come with it: in-grown hair, razor burns, as well as unsightly, stubbly and irritated skin. This occurs because either the wrong products are being used or the process is done incorrectly. Yes, it’s not as simple as just grabbing that razor and running it over your skin—there’s more to it.

Scroll down for tips we’ve gathered on how to care for the skin under your arms whenever you feel the need to shave:

1. Consider using warm water.

Using warm water allows those pores to open and relaxes the skin, thereby making the hair in that area easier to cut.

2. Rethink that razor.

Dull blades can cause skin in the underarms to get irritated, as more pressure is needed to remove the hair. Multi-blades give a better chance of a close shave, so remember to replace those blades after two to three uses.

3. Don’t forget the shaving cream.

Applying shaving cream or gel on the area where you wish to take the hair off makes it easier and smoother for the razor to glide. Pick a formula that’s extra softening for an even better shave and to also prevent razor burns.

4. Hydrate with a moisturizing deodorant.

Choose a deodorant with moisturizing cream as it helps take care of your underarms after you shave. With Dove Original deodorant, more and more women are now looking to show #CareWithEveryShave. This deodorant helps you get softer, smoother underarms even after shaving.

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