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How to Get the Wet Hair Look in Two Easy Steps

Time to channel your inner grade-schooler.
How to Get the Wet Hair Look in Two Easy Steps Time to channel your inner grade-schooler.

There’s something about the “wet look” that’s so perfect for the scorching summer heat. Perhaps because it reminds us of that feeling you get after a cold shower, energized by some icy shampoo or the posh and preppy appeal of a school boy.

Earlier this week, our Deputy Associate Editor arrived at the office with her blunt bob sharply parted on the side, slicked and tucked behind her ears, and coated with a wet glossy sheen reminiscent of the hair at Kenzo’s Spring 2016 show. The look wasn’t exactly what she was going for, as it was a result of applying too much product onto her tresses. But somehow it worked and I immediately I thought, “I have to try this out.” The following day I turned up at work and showed her my attempt to recreate her look from the previous day.


(Photo via @anthonyturnerhair on Instagram)

A more subtle version of the wet hair look for J.W. Anderson Fall 2016 where the ends are dry and the roots are slicked.

Now achieving the wet look isn’t always easy. There are a million ways for you to get there, some of which might leave you feeling a little bit greasy or sticky. But for this approach, you’ll only need two products to make sure the shine lasts throughout the day sans the greasy build up. Lo and behold:

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Aveda Smooth Infusion, SM Department Store

First thing I did after getting out of the shower was to apply Aveda’s Smooth Infusion nourishing styling cream all over my wet hair, working it from root to tip. It controls the frizz and provides just enough hold allowing me to manipulate and style my hair as I please. After which I wrapped my hair back in a towel and leave it to dry a wee bit more.



Soft Sheen-Carson Optimum Oil Therapy,  Soft Sheen-Carson

Once it’s a tad bit damp I then use Soft Sheen Carson’s Optimum Oil Therapy to get that slick sheen. I’ve been using the product since high school and it coats my hair with a nice gloss, all while keeping it moisturized and protected from the heat.

When that’s done I just comb my hair back or part it whichever way I want and presto! Instant wet look that isn’t annoyingly sticky and lasts all day long.

Main image features Belle Daza in the cover story of Preview's June 2012 issue, photographed by Jeanne Young

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