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How to Feel More Confident Even When You're Not Wearing Makeup

Go natural!
How to Feel More Confident Even When You're Not Wearing Makeup
Go natural!

If you feel iffy going out of your house without makeup, here are surefire tips you can follow to feel more confident with a bare face.

1. Start with a reliable skin care routine.

This is the part that we can't skip and cheat. Prioritizing your skin's health is vital to feeling secure without any makeup on. And remember, no amount of concealers and correctors will beat the natural glow of plump and radiant skin.

2. Understand that it is good for your skin.

While there's nothing wrong with wearing makeup (we love to wear lipstick and to have our brows on fleek just as much as you do!), it is nice to let your skin breathe every now and then. Doing an occassional beauty detox can improve your skin's health and glow.

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3. Focus on other things, like your hair and outfit.

Fix your hair and put on a nice outfit. Try styling your hair with a scarf, sport a messy 'do, or keep it simple by just brushing your hair neatly. Wear your fave outfit that makes you feel amazing. Trust us, no one will even notice that you didn't bother to apply lipstick!


4. Cheat...a little.

Okay, when you can't imagine yourself braving the outside world with almost-nothing brows, then by all means, use an eyebrow pencil or eyebrow gel. The same thing goes with putting on a swipe of lipstick to cheer up your complexion. If a zit suddenly pops up, then put a bit of concealer on it. Select a product that you absolutely can't do without. Again, this exercise is all about boosting your self-confidence and self-love, so start with what you can be comfortable with.

5. Love your natural beauty.

When you accept and love what you've got, the confidence will naturally follow suit—doing so will give you an instant beauty boost! You'll have better posture, happier-looking eyes, and a contagious smile!

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