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This Deo Uses Niacinamide to Help You Get Even-Toned Underarms

It smells fresh and fruity, too!
This Deo Uses Niacinamide to Help You Get Even-Toned Underarms

If the personal care products we're using are any indication, it appears niacinamide has officially won over the hearts of people. And with such an appreciation for this skincare ingredient, even body products are starting to bank on its wonders.

Case in point: Dove has a deodorant that boasts of its high concentration of niacinamide, courtesy of the Dove Ultimate Repair Dark Marks CorrectorWith niacinamide as its star ingredient, this can be your go-to deo for when you’re aiming for even-toned underarms, especially when used regularly!  

Even better: It can do things for you aside from dealing with underarm dark marks, such as the ones below!

It helps smoothen underarms.
If you’re one to DIY your underarm hair removal process, you’d want to complement your routine with this Dove deo to counter bumps. On top of niacinamide, it’s also infused with Dove’s signature moisturizing cream, which helps soften and smoothen underarm skin with regular use. 

It helps keep you from sweating excessively.
Too much sweating on our pits is indeed a big hassle. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it also leads to unwanted odor. Dodge the chances of it happening with the help of the Dove Ultimate Repair Dark Marks Corrector, which has an anti-perspirant property. 

It aids in leaving the pits smelling fresh. 
This Dove deo features the scent of fresh lilies—fresh and fruity. So aside from keeping you away from unwanted odor caused by excessive sweating, this deo can also treat your pits with a mild fragrance that allows you to be more confident in going about your day! 

Thinking of trying it out? Dove Ultimate Repair Marks Corrector is now available in a sachet for only P10 SRP. Shop it online via Lazada or Shopee, or from leading supermarkets and department stores near you. To know more, follow Dove on Facebook.

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Dove Deo.