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How to Dry Your Hair Without Making It Frizzy

Don't use a towel!
How to Dry Your Hair Without Making It Frizzy Don't use a towel!

As much as we want roll out of bed with hair like J.Lo’s or Beyoncé’s, we just can’t. It’s not always that we’re blessed with the luxury of time to go to the salon to blow dry and iron out our tresses properly. The worst is when we rush out of the front door and leave our hair to dry while in traffic as if we were in high school. As a result, we’re left with a frizzy mane, which we’re forced to conceal via a messy top knot or a loose, low ponytail. So how can we avoid this?

Here, we list down tips on how you can dry your hair (sans a blow dryer) without it going frizzy.


1. Don’t get a blunt haircut.

Hair tends to create volume when it is cut evenly all around. But if you so want to sport a dead straight blunt cut, ask your stylist to layer your hair in reverse with shorter strands inside and the longer ones falling on top.

2. Apply styling cream immediately after washing.

This works well for those with curly and coarse hair, especially if you want to keep your natural texture. Simply apply the product onto damp hair and leave it to air dry.

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3. Use a T-shirt to dry your hair.

Towel drying may be fast but the friction it creates is usually the number one suspect when it comes to frizz. Instead, use a T-shirt to squeeze out the excess water and allow it to air dry.

4. Comb hair while it’s wet.

You’ve been told never to brush or comb hair while it’s wet as it can lead to breakage. While that may be true, one loophole to it is taking a wide tooth comb to your strands and combing it out right after you condition. If there’s still a need to do some untangling, simply run your fingers through your hair.

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