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10 Things to Remember If You're Doing Your Own Makeup for Your Wedding

Take note of these expert tips!
10 Things to Remember If You're Doing Your Own Makeup for Your Wedding
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Take note of these expert tips!

If you've decided to do your own makeup for your wedding, then it must be because you're confident that you have the skills to pull it off. Still, it won't hurt to approach it like a girl scout and be well prepared! Plan your look ahead, don't neglect to practice, and adjust a few of your techniques and products to create a glam that fits both the occasion and your personality perfectly. Below, professional makeup artist Katchie Mejias shares some helpful tips:

How to Do Your Own Bridal Makeup

1. Take care of your skin months before.

Your wedding makeup prep starts way before the big day. "[The look] must start with great skin," says Katchie. Amp up your skincare routine months prior so you have time to address specific concerns like acne, dark circles, dark spots, or even fine lines. Visit your dermatologist for some guidance, but don't forget to do the basics, too. Commit to a solid skin regimen, sleep enough (especially days before the wedding) and drink lots of water!


2. Rest well the night before.

Don't let your wedding jitters keep you from your beauty sleep. "Try your best to relax the night before. Stress shows in skin," explains the makeup artist. When you're well-rested, you won't have to deal with dark, puffy eyes or sudden stress breakouts. It'll make your skin look more radiant in the morning, too!

3. Go with a classic look.

When planning your makeup, don't overthink it. Katchie notes, "Keeping it classic and natural is always the best go-to look. It is timeless and barely difficult to do." To be on the safe side, have a trial run and check if the look registers well both on camera (flash photography, included) and in real life. This way, if you find anything off, you can easily adjust it so it turns out perfectly on D-day.

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4. Don't go too heavy with your foundation.

It's tempting to go all-out with a full coverage foundation routine for such a big occasion, but having too much product on your skin can actually keep it from looking fresh. Here's what the makeup artist recommends doing instead: "I always opt to go for minimal foundation and more of skincare. However, if you have some problem areas, remember to do a light foundation and then just use a heavier concealer to spot correct troubled areas. That way the whole face would not feel heavy and should be comfortable all day."

5. Apply your cheek products in layers to make them last longer.

Your blush, contour, and highlighter are usually the first casualties to makeup meltdowns. But that doesn't mean you should put on more. You just need to be a little more strategic about application!

According to Katchie, the key to fadeproof cheeks is to apply everything lightly but in layers. "Apply all creams or liquid first, then set it with powder in a similar shade. It will lock it in and make it long lasting," she says.


6. Keep your eye makeup simple.

Eye makeup can be quite tricky, especially if you're not someone who wears it often. Thankfully, a bridal look doesn't require much at all. "You can easily stick to one shade of eyeshadow. Just apply bronzer or champagne shimmer on the center of the lids and inner corner to enhance it," the makeup artist suggests. After that, pop on a bit of eyeliner and mascara (falsies, optional) and you'll be good to go! The goal is for it to look natural while still enhancing your peepers.


7. Choose your lip color carefully.

Like the rest of your makeup, you want your lipstick to look like your pout but better. The easy choice would be to wear your favorite nude lipstick so you're sure that it's flattering against your skin tone. If you want to change it up, Katchie says to use your natural lip tone as reference. For example, if your lips have a natural pinkish tone, go for a soft nude pink. (Need recommendations? Click here for some makeup artist-approved bridal lipsticks!)


8. Waterproof your lipstick.

The last thing you want to worry about on your wedding day is your lipstick. So before you walk down the aisle, take a few steps to ensure that it won't fade from a simple kiss or a water break. A trick you can do is to apply your lip color in several layers. Do this by putting on one layer of lipstick first, blotting it with a tissue, and then repeating the process until it ends up becoming more of a stain. 

9. Prepare a touch-up kit.

While putting on your makeup, your mind should be set on using techniques that will minimize the need for touch-ups. Because the less touch-ups you do, the fresher your makeup will look. That said, when you have to fix a few things, you'll need the following: oil blotting sheets, powder, a small powder brush, tissue, and your lipstick. If your skin tends to be on the dry side, pack a face mist, too!


10. Be strategic with reception look change.

When you're prepping for the reception, you don't really have the luxury of time to redo your entire face. Instead, just touch up your base with the tools mentioned above, and do easy changes like switching to a bolder lip color (red is a classic) or adding a little more definition to your eyes with a cat eye or a smokier eyeshadow.

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