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How To Do Glitter Eye Shadow Right!

Because when sparkles are involved, it's easy to make a mess.
How To Do Glitter Eye Shadow Right! Because when sparkles are involved, it's easy to make a mess.

We don't know how many different ways we can say this, but makeup is fun! The boys and a handful of girls may prefer the no-makeup look, but there are some days and special occasions when it won’t hurt to add some drama via sparkles to those pretty peepers. If it’s attention you want but neon is out of the picture, no other makeup can do a better job than glitter shadow. They’re fun, they offer the right amount of glam, and most of all, they can be worn from Friday nights out to formal weddings. If you’re a newbie to the glitter party then scroll down for our shimmery #TipTuesday.  


Bombshell shineshadow, Covergirl; Mineralize eye shadow in Gilt by Association and Electric cool eyeshadow in Gilded Thrill from MAC Novel Romance Collection.

TIP # 1

Mix it with your matte shadow. The trick is to only add a dab of sparkle to the center of your eyelids after applying your smoky makeup. If you don't want to look like a kid who played with glitters and accidentally spilled it on your face, or worse, end up looking like Effie Trinket from the movie Hunger Games, then skip applying product on the corners of your eyes and your brow bone and just stick to the middle. 

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TIP # 2

Same with the smoky eye rule, if you're already opting for full on drama with your peepers, then keep the rest of your face relaxed with nude lips and just a hint of blush. You want people to zoom in on your eyes, and not think you're a joke. Think like a pro and you'll look like a pro. 

TIP # 3

If there's one thing we've learned from our childhood art attack days, it's that glitter is messy. It doesn't matter if you're using the cream shadow or the compact form because it pays to be prepared. When applying this shimmery product, hold a tissue to cover your under eye. If it helps, some makeup atists dip their brush in water to allow the product to stick more. But this of course depends on how pigmented the shadow you are using is. 

Ready? Go, try it out!

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