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5 Unbelievably Easy Ways to Curl Your Hair without Heat

Ever heard of the "sock method"?
5 Unbelievably Easy Ways to Curl Your Hair without Heat
IMAGE Tiktok/lilyvanbrooklyn
Ever heard of the "sock method"?

Whether it's for a quick beach getaway, a video meeting, or even a DIY photoshoot, you can't go wrong with giving your hair an even set of waves. That said, curling your hair can take a lot of time (especially if you’re doing it all by yourself), so we don't blame you for wanting an easier route. Good thing, we found hacks from Tiktok that can solve this problem!

Ahead, we’ve compiled a list of overnight curling methods that you can use to create gorgeous waves with minimal effort. And let us tell you: The results are amazing! Now, if you’re ready to look extra cute while giving your hair its well-deserved break from the heat, scroll right ahead!

1. Straw method

If you're aiming for tight ringlets for a change, this technique is the perfect one. You only need a couple of plastic straws and a little bit of patience in wrapping each section of your hair before bending the straws to secure. Sleep in and wake up the next day with a full head of Greek goddess-inspired curls! (Ed's note: Try to keep the straws and reuse them to minimize waste!)


2. Criss-cross sock method

This technique uses socks as its main curling device. All you have to do is create criss-cross sections of your hair around the sock and tie the bottom with an elastic band. For faster results and soft, natural-looking waves, spritz on some hair spray before removing the bands. Don’t forget to add some hair oil after for that extra shine!

3. Sock method

Here's another method that uses socks but in a different way. Compared to the previous technique, this method works better on slightly damp hair—so go ahead and spray some water on your tresses for the first step or do it on towel-dired tresses! Afterwards, temporarily clip your sock on the crown of your head before twisting your locks around the sock. Tie both ends to secure, then wait overnight to reveal super soft waves the next day!

4. Dutch braids

Braids are a classic method to achieve effortless waves. You basically get two hairstyles in one! To try it, simply inverse the method of a French braid, which means instead of braiding the small sections over each other, put the strands underneath to make the plaits more pronounced. You also get to decide how tight your curls would be depending on how tight you braid your hair. You know the drill, sleep and then wake up with gorgeous uniform curls!

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5. Robe belt curls

This method will give you the fluffy, voluminous hair of your dreams with the most unexpected tool: A bathrobe belt. Basically, you just have to put it on the top of your head and twist both sides of your hair around the belt and leave overnight. Unveil the curls the next day and enjoy your beach babe hairstyle!

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