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Here's a Quick 5-Step Technique to Looking More Sculpted in Photos

Here's a Quick 5-Step Technique to Looking More Sculpted in Photos
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Wanna hide a double chin? It's totally doable.

Expert advice comin' your way! If you've got a photo sesh coming up, no doubt you'll want to be ready for your closeup. Here, makeup artist Cathy Cantada-Dizon swings you an easy, 5-step trick to quick contouring. Pose!

1. Use powder a shade lighter than one’s skin tone to highlight the features you like, and a bronzer to create shadows or recede the outer areas of the face.

2. A contouring technique: suck in cheeks then apply product on the hollows, using upward strokes moving towards the ears.


PHOTO BY Benefit


Complexionista palette, P2000, BENEFIT, Greenbelt 5

3. To lessen the visibility of a double chin, apply some powder in a shade darker than one’s skin tone, then blend from the chin towards the neck.

4. To give face a more oval shape, brush bronzer just below the ears tracing down the jaw line.

5. An angled brush makes for an easier and controlled application. Blend properly using round strokes after color application to make it look subtle and seamless.

This story originally appeared in the November 2010 issue of Preview Magazine. 

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