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How to Continue Burning Fat After a Workout

Even when you’re in bed!
How to Continue Burning Fat After a Workout Even when you’re in bed!

Ladies, what if we tell you that there is a way to continue burning fat even after you work out? Losing weight even while you’re just watching your favorite series on your couch? Believe it. The answer is High Intensity Interval Training, more popularly known as HIIT. The only problem is that it involves a whole lot of cardio…and we know how we all feel about that deadly six-letter word.

Good thing cycling has become a workout trend and Ride Revolution is one venue where spinning classes are specially crafted for those who prefer HIIT. Style Bible gave it a try for the first time ever just a few days ago, and to say that our legs died after the class is an understatement. The return though was all worth it because even as we lay motionless and exhausted under our duvet that night, we knew we were still burning fat! Allow us to explain.


What is HIIT?

You can consider High Intensity Interval Training as a workout hack because it’s all about a series of short, high intensity activities that triggers excess post-exercise oxygen consumption (EPOC) or what we’d rather call, the “afterburn effect.” Basically, it’s quality over quantity meaning three full hours of working out is nothing compared to 50 minutes of intense cycling. Fact is, vigorous exercise keeps the body burning calories for hours after the workout is through!

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Why go cycling?

One study shows that participants who cycle vigorously for 45 minutes burn roughly 190 calories more in the 14 hours after exercise than on days when they didn’t work out at all. We're just as mindblown as you are! And if you think cardio is boring, then allow the folks at Ride Revolution to change your mind. We're not fans of cardio ourselves, but inside the dimly-lit, fully air-conditioned room, enveloped by seriously good music, the hottie instructor in front of you will get you through one whole session without you even noticing it.


True story: they sneakily injected a couple of 20 to 30 seconds of intense cycling in between some Pharell and Gwen Stefani realness before cooling off to her song Cool. Just like that we slept the night away like a baby while still burning the truffle fries we devoured before the cycling sesh. 

Ride Revolution is located at the 3/F Steps Dance Studio 8465 Kalayaan Avenue, Makati

Book a class at 

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