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How to Conceal a Bad Tattoo

Experts weigh in on your best options.
How to Conceal a Bad Tattoo Experts weigh in on your best options.

So you’re there. You’ve decided that you finally want to get inked only to realize a couple of months later that you had a lapse in judgement. How do you fix it? For the brave, there’s always the option of having another, better tattoo cover up the former. But for those who want a “clean slate,” a trip to the derma is the only option. We asked tattoo artist Dyun Depasupil and Dermatologist Dr. Lyn Guiab of The Aivee Clinic for their recs on how to instantly fix a bad tattoo. Plus, makeup artist Maui Manalo shares tips on how to temporarily hide it for those special occasions.


Dyun Says:

“For tattoo removal, I recommend visiting a clinic to have it treated with a laser as this is the best way to remove a tattoo. The downside to it is the natural skin can’t be brought back as it’ll leave scars. I only do this on a case-to-case basis. Also, design options for a cover-up are limited because of the shape of the existing tattoo. There are tattoos that can be covered up but only because they’re light. Jobs like that can go up to P2000 per hour.”

Dr Lyn Says:

“First things first, the doctor has to see the tattoo and assess the color, size and how long it is. We use Picosure or Pico Enlighten laser machines, which use nano waves and pico second wavelengths that enable the tattoo, especially for black and dark blue colors, to lighten faster. It usually takes three to five sessions to see results and the healing process is very fast and usually with no downtime. The interval for every treatment is between three to four weeks.

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Maui says:

“It really depends on the tattoo. There are some concealers that can get the job done but most of the time you need to use a color corrector. It’s really simple. You just have so start with clean skin and you don’t even need to use foundation (using it would only make it too thick). The trick is to cover the tattoo with corrector (I recommend Makeup For Ever's Camouflage Cream Palette) then pat the concealer on top to get the shade right.”


Makeup For Ever Camouflage Cream Palette, P1950, Makeup For Ever

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