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How to Apply Makeup With Your Fingers Like a Pro

All hands on deck!
How to Apply Makeup With Your Fingers Like a Pro
IMAGE Gab Gutierrez
All hands on deck!

Brushes and sponges are great for more intriciate looks, but nothing compares to our fingers for convenience. Not to mention how they're free and are always (quite literally) at arm's reach! Just keep certain methods in mind and you, too, might find yourself using them more often.

So how do you manouver makeup with your digits like a pro? Find out below!

FOUNDATION—Tap to build coverage, then swipe to sheer out.

First things first: rubbing foundation into your skin is a complete no-no. It might look like the easiest way to blend the product, but you're actually doing two wrong things at once with it. One, you're micro-exfoliating your skin with makeup. And two, you'd most likely end up with no coverage and instead, streaks all over.

Hence, the best approach is the tap and swipe. Start by dotting a small amount of product on your cheeks, forehead, chin, and nose. Then, spread the pigment using your first three fingers (your index, middle, and ring fingers) and a tapping motion. Patience is key with this! Use your ring finger to gently swipe away any leftover streaks.


Preview Tip: If your foundation is matte or sets quite fast, apply the product in sections. Dot the product onto your cheeks first, blend, then do your forehead, and so on.

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CONCEALER—Warm up cream products before applying to the skin.

When dealing with thicker products like concealer, using your fingers can give you a more natural finish. Why? Because unlike brushes, the warmth of our fingers can affect the consistency of makeup and make it more skin-like!

For thicker creams in pots, you can simply rub the product between your two ring fingers to warm it up. For thicker liquid concealers, apply them on the back of your hand first and blend it halfway. Use your ring finger to pick up excess product then proceed to cover any blemishes!

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BLUSH—For an even application, tap then swipe.

Again, no rubbing! Tap the tint or cream blush on your cheeks for initial blending, and then swipe away any streaks after. This method will give your cheeks more pigment without the unnecessary dragging, which (spoiler alert!) can cause wrinkles overtime.

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HIGHLIGHTER—Do the opposite: swipe then tap.

With highlighter, swipe the product across your cheeks for an even, radiant finish. Make sure the product you're using is creamy enough! If there are any streaks or harsh lines, just tap away to avoid sheering out the product.


LIPSTICK—Blend with dabbing motions.

Smearing and rubbing removes product on your lips, so opt for dabbing motions or blending lipstick. Start by applying lipstick as you normally would, then dab your fingers over any harsh lines to diffuse it.

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