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This Is the Best Way to Apply Blush, According to a Makeup Artist

It really works!
This Is the Best Way to Apply Blush, According to a Makeup Artist
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It really works!

When you want to wear blush without looking like you're wearing blush, getting rid of all harsh lines is key. We know that's easier said than done, but we found that there is a way to blend a flush to make it (and the rest of your cheek makeup) appear as if they're truly part of your skin.

Here's how: Instead of treating your face like a coloring book with guidelines, approach your cheek product application more systemically. Applying your blush last (as in after contouring and highlighting), for one, is one of the best ways to do this.

According to makeup artist Czari Domingo, putting blush last in your makeup lineup will blend all the colors on your face together seamlessly, removing any obvious lines of demarkation. In the end, the color of your blush will be the most prominent, but you'd still be subtly enjoying the sculpt an glow from your contour and highlighter underneath. The traditional way to apply blush, which is to start from the apples of your cheeks and towards your ears, works best with this method. But if you have your own method, it should work as long as your blush hits where you apply your other cheek products!


If you're using a cream or a liquid blush for this technique, remember that these are best applied over an unpowdered base to dodge the risk of looking patchy. Sticking to cream products for your contour and highlight steps would ensure easier blending. Meanwhile, powder blushes are the lower-maintenance option if you need one, as these can be layered on top of both cream and powder products.

For an all-cream cheek, here's a trio of products to try:

PHOTO BY Rustans, Sephora
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If powder products are more your vibe, check out our picks for this trick below:

PHOTO BY Vice Cosmetics, Beauty Beat

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