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How to Achieve the Soft and Natural Look on Valentine’s Day

Fall in love with your sweetest look yet!
How to Achieve the Soft and Natural Look on Valentine’s Day

Flower stalls are suddenly sprouting with a profusion of roses, love songs seem to be on loop whenever you turn on the car radio, and shop windows are covered with an abundance of hearts. Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, all right. Get into the mood with these tips and tricks for the most romantic season of the year.


Get Glossy

Change up your usual matte lips with the soft glow of gloss. Shiny, dewly lips are on trend for 2017, and a lustrous pink pout will be perfect for hearts’ day.


Go for a fresh look

Make way for smooth, glowing skin. According to beauty experts, skin that breathes is in this year. To achieve this, the most important factor is healthy skin. Pick a cleanser that has a moisturizing formula for the face, body, and hands such as the Dove Pink Beauty Bar. It has ¼ moisturizing cream and mild cleansers that help retain the skin’s moisture, giving you smooth skin with a pinkish glow. 


Wear pink

While green may be the color of the year, pink will still rule in 2017. Opt for blushing hues in two particularly romantic fashion trends this year—sheer and midi cuts. Delicate, transparent fabric makes for a soft, playful look, while a hemline that falls mid-calf would ideally go with heels.


Try a new fitness routine

Valentine’s Day is all about love, and that includes loving yourself! Get a healthy glow by giving aerobics a go. Yes, you read that right! It’s making a huge comeback this year, and comes bundled up with cardio and muscular endurance benefits, not to mention loads of fun!


Flip it over

While super sleek hair is predicted to dominate this year, we suggest you polish off your look with a bit of volume. Simply flip a section of hair to one side. Totally easy, right? Not only will this give you a romantic, carefree look, it’s also on trend for 2017!


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