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How Saab Magalona Slimmed Down For Her Wedding

Heads up, brides-to-be! Here's how you can fit into that wedding dress.
How Saab Magalona Slimmed Down For Her Wedding Heads up, brides-to-be! Here's how you can fit into that wedding dress.

What’s the first thing that comes into your mind whenever you hear the word “diet”? Because this we’re sure— it’s definitely not "eating healthy." On the contrary, most girls feel that going on a diet means not eating at all. For some reason, we have this twisted ideology about losing weight, but we’ll save you the trouble of going through the phase of chewing and spitting by breaking the news to you now: This is not how a healthy diet works.


Not so long ago, Saab Magalona walked down the aisle looking immaculate in a pink Sassa Jimenez frock. Now, we already told you all there is to know about her punk inspired wedding dress, but what you guys probably don’t know yet is how she slimmed down in order to achieve that perfect fit. And nope, she didn’t starve herself to death.

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So, how exactly did Saab manage to shed off those pounds before her wedding day?

Here’s her answer: A balanced diet.

While regularly working out and keeping herself committed to her fitness goals, Saab also sought help from Diet Diva, a 1200-calorie diet delivery service. Lucky for you, we had a chance to chat with its owner, Kakki Teodoro, and she shared with us how our most recent celebrity bride paved her way to a slimmer body a few weeks before her wedding day. Want to know Saab’s secret? Read on and find out.


You've been preparing meals for Saab Magalona. Can you tell us more about her fitness goals and what she wanted to achieve in particular?

Saab has been a Diet Diva client since 2014. She basically just wanted a simpler yet effective way of eating healthy and losing weight. After the engagement, Saab then shared with us that she wanted to lose more weight and to look great in her wedding dress while maintaining the same energy level she needs for her busy days.

Knowing her fitness goals, how did you make it happen for Saab? Tell us about the diet she was into.

Saab subscribed to our bestselling 1200 calories-a-day program called "Active Diva" which focuses on calorie-counting and portion control. This is what Diet Diva pioneered in 2012, changing the dynamic of diet delivery services in the country. With Diet Diva, Saab was able to enjoy delicious food, and without realizing it, she started losing weight week after week.


How were her meals "tailor-made" for her?

Two months before the wedding, we started minimizing her rice portion, and it was cut to half. We increased fiber in her diet as well. Her then fianceé, now husband Jim Bacarro, joined as well and we delivered Diet Diva meals to him, too. A month before the wedding, we completely replaced rice with healthier carbs like boiled plantains and sweet potatoes. This way, since Saab is carb-sensitive, there are no energy dips! Two weeks before the wedding, we reduced her calorie intake from 1200 to 1000, and kept meals nutritious and delicious so she could maintain that healthy happy glow for the big day.

Her food posts on Instagram looked so good we almost couldn't believe she was on a diet! Did she mention her favorites?

Her favorites include Breaded Fish Fillet on Sweet & Sour Sauce over Brown Rice or Sweet Potatoes, Lean Beef Caldereta, Pork Tenderloin, Thai chicken with Basil leaves with Organic Red Mountain Rice, Bangus Fish Fillet, Pork Tapa Breakfast, & Tuna Teriyaki with Potato Marbles.


If you want to try out Saab’s diet, click here.

Photos from @saabmagalona on Instagram