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How Often You Should Be Washing Your Hair, According to Your Hair Type

It's not a one size fits all.
How Often You Should Be Washing Your Hair, According to Your Hair Type
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It's not a one size fits all.

Let's go back to the basics and answer the age old question: How often we should wash our hair?

Essentially, it’s imperative we avoid both under and over-washing. Under-washing results in the buildup of dirt, oil, and products. In turn, it causes scalp itching, irritation, and visible flakes. Meanwhile, over-washing leads to a dry and irritated scalp as you are stripping off natural oils from your tresses.

So how frequently should you shampoo? Well, it all boils down to your lifestyle, environment, and hair type. Here's a simple guide you can follow:

How Often You Should Wash Your Hair, According to Hair Type

Thin Hair: Everyday

Since individuals with fine hair have more oil glands, they’re more prone to getting oil and grease faster in their locks. It’s also easier for dirt and impurities to seep into thinner hair since it’s less dense. That said, a daily wash is recommended for this hair type.


Exceptions: If you have a dry scalp and damaged hair

Dry scalps are best washed every other day since it doesn't produce as much sebum. Damaged hair should also be washed less frequently to preserve the hair's moisture and natural oils.

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Medium Hair: Every other day

Skipping a day or two is optimal for medium hair as it doesn’t build on oil as much as thin locks. If you want to go longer between washes, using dry shampoo will help keep the grease and dirt at bay.

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Exception: If you have an oily scalp

If you have a very oily scalp, do consider a daily cleanse. This will prevent you from itching and from developing dandruff, buildup, and acne on the scalp or hairline.

Thick Hair: At least once a week

General rule of thumb: The thicker your hair is, the longer you can go about skipping a daily hair rinse. Washing your hair at least once a week will do as the density of thick mane allows room for grime and oil to sit in the hair without affecting the scalp.

Exceptions: If you have an oily or sensitive scalp

Rinsing your hair daily or every other day will prevent you from having that greasy look from the buildup of the oily scalp's excess sebum. It will also keep sensitive scalps healthy, especially if you're prone to flaking and soreness.

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Apart from your hair type, it's also best to consider your lifestyle and environment. If you live an active lifestyle and work out a lot, you can wash your hair to avoid clogging the pores with oil and sweat. Washing your hair after a long day outside is also worth considering to prevent trapping unwanted dust, debris, and pollution in your locks.

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