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How I Grew Longer Lashes

And eyebrows, too!
How I Grew Longer Lashes And eyebrows, too!

I’ve always had a problem with the amount of lashes I had. My lash line consisted of long, spaced-out fibers that needed tons of curling and tons of mascara. To remedy this, I began by applying Revitalash every night onto my lash line.

A week went by with no visible results. I was beginning to feel cheated. “I’ve been had,” I thought, cursing my high hopes. At this point I began applying the formula onto my brows, too, hoping for a lush Delevigne-esque set in the morning. Again, no such luck.


After the passing of the second week, I was hopeful. My eyebrows had shown definite improvement. The hairs looked longer, thicker, and lush. My eyelashes, though, refused to show any signs of growth.

By the third week I was losing hope for my lashes, until a haphazardly said comment from my boyfriend threw me off. “Why are you wearing makeup again? We’re just going to lunch,” he said as I hopped aboard his car. My eyes grew big. I was confused. Before I flew out the door, the only face enhancement that had been done was with an eyelash curler. Otherwise, I sported a bare face. In an excited frenzy, I grabbed the first mirror I saw and stared at the first half of my face for a good minute. It happened. They grew!

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The last week of my experiment proved to seal the deal. After my month with the lash serum, again my hopes dwindled. To further improve my findings, I stopped all usage and waited for the inevitable truth. Without a serum aiding growth, surely my lashes and brows would revert back to their unglamorous state. Again, I was proved wrong. Currently, I’ve been enjoying my supercharged lashes and brows for two months and counting, and I’m definitely not going back!


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