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High And Dry

Get more out of life with Goody's new fast-drying hair brush.
High And Dry Get more out of life with Goody's new fast-drying hair brush.

The demand of multi-tasking beauty products is constantly growing. Most women are always in a rush in the mornings before they go to work, and would rather catch up on their zzz's than wake up half an hour earlier to primp (we know we do!).

Thankfully, our hair-drying routine was just made easier by the geniuses at hair-tool leader Goody. The Quik Style™ Water Wicking Detangling Comb wicks off excess water after you shower, and we're digging its nifty hooked design: just hang it in your shower! Instead of vigorously rubbing your hair with your towel (which can damage locks–eep!), get rid of dripping water with a few flicks of the comb through wet hair.

Following up with Goody's Quik Style Paddle Brush helps dry your hair faster, for those aforementioned precious few more minutes in the morning. Its micro-fiber bristles absorb excess water (isn't that neat?), and cuts your hair drying routine to approximately 15-20 minutes (or even less), a process that would normally take 45 minutes to blow dry. The Stylebible eds noticed our hair was less staticky and the usual frizz went M.I.A., and hair detangling has also been so much easier—perfect for acing all those S/S trends in the coming months.


Can't wait to try the innovations? Cop them at department stores for only P1299.75 each.

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