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Here's One Way to Remove 3 Makeup #LOTDs

Removing makeup never looked so easy.
Here's One Way to Remove 3 Makeup #LOTDs

At the end of the day, nothing feels more refreshing than wiping off makeup that's been glued to your face for hours and hours. That sticky feeling when you touch your face? Gone. The extra care you take to avoid smudging those on-fleek eyes and bold lips? No more. 

In this video, we tried using Simple Micellar Cleansing Facial Wipes to remove three different kinds of makeup looks. Watch to see if it was up to the task: 

Heads up: April 25 is International No Makeup Day! Celebrate your natural beauty by posting your fresh face on social media and using the hashtag, #NoMakeupDay, because sometimes it's best to just #KeepItSimple.

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