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Here's Why You Should Start Wearing Lip Gloss Again

It's not everyone's jam, but you just might change your mind about the product here.
Here's Why You Should Start Wearing Lip Gloss Again It's not everyone's jam, but you just might change your mind about the product here.

It might be best to resurrect your puppy love affair with the lip gloss because just like other ‘90s fashion trends that are so in now, the beauty product we all loved as kids is back! It began last summer, and surprisingly, the trend is still here to stay. The bubblegum, strawberry (and every other berry), candy tasting lip product we went gaga for when we were tweens has taken on a more mature route with less focus on just flavor and more attention to sheen business.

Here’s why you shouldn’t ignore the comeback kid. Scroll down.

It gives your lipstick life.

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    Whatever shade of lipstick you like wearing, adding a dab of lip gloss over it will make it pop. Do know that it looks amazing with all colors including fuchsia, red, coral, and even nude.

    It complements matte skin well.

    A fan of the no-makeup look? Then go ahead, but leave your lips out of it. Sporting a subtle glossy lip brings out the beauty of your matte makeup more. Balance your mattified skin with sheen lips to make your look more interesting.


    It also looks great with smoky eyes.

    From no makeup to smoky peepers, adding a dash of gloss never hurt. We all know that an already smoked up eye is best paired with nude puckers and if there’s one shade of lipstick that won’t look as good in matte, it would have to be nude. The lipstick hue best worn in at least a satin consistency will complete your dramatic look with a dose of gloss. 


    It plumps up your puckers.

    As women grow older, it has been said that lips naturally lose their natural fullness due to loss in collagen production. A quick way to gain those desirable puckers back is by adding shine to create an illusion. Note that there are also glosses especially made with ingredients that will plump up your lips sans surgery or injections. 


    It goes beyond just adding shine to your lips.

    What if we tell you that you can use lip gloss all over your face? Yes, there are actually more uses to this product than you think. You can achieve a dewy makeup look by patting a tiny bit of lip gloss on your cheeks using your fingers, manage baby hair when there are no hair products in sight, use it as a highlighter by dabbing a bit on your brow bones, and even use it as a primer under your eye shadow.


    Before you head on over to the photo gallery to check out our picks, please keep in mind a few friendly reminders: A dab of gloss goes a long way, so keep things in moderation if you don’t want to look like you just ate an entire plate of lechon. And when applying, it's best to put a small amount on the bottom lip only. This will add the right amount and skip the goopy effect when you use too much. 

    If you're ready, click on the gallery for a list of non-sticky lip glosses we recommend.

    Photos from Instagram: @johnvalle20, @deniseochoa, @robbiepinera