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Here’s Why You Should Consider Getting a Lightweight Conditioner for Your Hair

No more skipping the conditioner.
Here’s Why You Should Consider Getting a Lightweight Conditioner for Your Hair

A typical conditioner often promises to keep your hair soft, sleek, and shiny. But when we talk about its rich, heavy formula, we discover how using this type of conditioner can also have a downside. It weighs hair down which causes flatness or triggers oiliness hours after washing. Rinsing also takes time if you have longer strands.

Given these unwanted effects, it feels like skipping the conditioner is the easy way out but it may cost you the lack of nourishing power your hair needs on a daily. Luckily, there’s finally a lighter approach to it. Let’s put a lightweight conditioner like Cream Silk Hydra Fresh Conditioner to the test and see how it can deliver the same conditioner promise sans the greasy catch.

1. Manage the frizz in humid conditions

Humidity can be the hair’s worst enemy. When humidity levels are at an all-time high, moisture penetrates the cuticle and causes the unmanageable frizz we're all too familiar with. Cream Silk Hydra Fresh Conditioner's water-based formula intensely hydrates hair without weighing it down. You can easily rinse off the conditioner so your hair doesn't get the greasy aftermath and instead experience the fresh and bouncy feel as the day goes on.

2. Maintain hair's fresh scent even after a long commute

If you commute to work daily, your hair is constantly exposed to air pollution. Your lightweight conditioner should have a fresh, invigorating scent that lasts the whole day so your strands won’t smell like the tail end of a bus.

3. Combat dryness

Hair can start to feel dry and brittle for many reasons like hot weather, heat styling, hair color treatments, and even chlorinated water from swimming. A lightweight conditioner is easy to rinse so you can always count on it every day to revive your locks from dry and dull to fresh and bouncy again.

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