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Here's Why You Need a Green Concealer in Your Life!

Here's Why You Need a Green Concealer in Your Life! It's a miracle worker.

The very reason why green concealer exists in the world of makeup is a mystery that most women don’t even bother to debunk. Truth is, if only you’d spare a minute or two to give it a shot, then you’d discover the many wonders that it can actually do.

Basically, it acts as a color corrector. And let’s not dare downplay its role in the beauty department, because green concealer is a miracle worker that can conceal every girl’s worst nightmare—yes, we mean acne. Neutralizing the redness caused by pimples, scars, rosacea and even birthmarks, it’s the one crucial product that you need in your makeup kit in case a beauty emergency strikes.

(image via Emma Kim | Getty Images)

How exactly does one apply green concealer? Read on below.

Step 1: Start with an empty canvas.

Before putting on any makeup, make sure that you start with a clean, moisturized face.


Step 2: Apply a tiny amount of product on the problem area.

Unless you want to end up looking like the Wicked Witch of the West, apply the product only where it’s needed. Dab a bit of the green concealer on the red areas that need to be corrected.

Step 3: Layer it with foundation or concealer that matches your skin tone.

This time around, use a shade that matches the color of your skin. Pat it lightly on top of the area where you just applied the green concealer. Do this gently so as not to remove the color corrector underneath.

Easy peasy, right? Now, check out our recommended products below:

Cover Stick Corrector Concealer in Green, Maybelline

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Colour Corrector Stick in Green, Max Factor

Camouflage Cream Pot in Green, MakeUp Forever

Photo Finish Color Correcting Foundation Primer Adjust, Smashbox


Concealer in a Jar in Green, NYX Cosmetics

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