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Here's Why Those Collagen-Infused Hair Products Aren't Working for You

If you want soft and bouncy tresses, collagen alone might not be enough.
Here's Why Those Collagen-Infused Hair Products Aren't Working for You

By now you’ve probably heard a lot about collagen and what it can do for your tresses. Apparently, it’s supposed to make your hair look and feel better the same way it does your skin. But if you’ve gone so far as to try collagen-rich hair products yourself, you may be wondering why they don't seem to give you the soft and bouncy locks you were promised. Could collagen's reputed hair benefits be nothing more than a fad?

Well, the answer’s more complicated than a simple yes or no. Here’s what you need to know:

Yes, collagen does have benefits for your hair.

For one, the ingredient is good for your scalp since its benefits on the skin are pretty much established. And when it comes to growing beautiful strands, it always starts from the base. In addition, scientists have linked collagen with hair regeneration, which is always great if your hair is feeling rather thin these days.

No, it cannot be absorbed directly by your hair when applied.

According to Dr. Richard Mizuguchi of the Hair Restoration Center, Department of Dermatology at St. Luke’s, Roosevelt and Beth Israel Hospitals in New York, externally applied collagen is not likely to penetrate deep enough through the hair follicle. This is because collagen needs to be broken down before it can be absorbed by your tresses.

Collagen needs to be “hydrolyzed” for it to work.

Before your hair can benefit from collagen, the protein has to go through a process called hydrolysis. This breaks down the collagen into smaller parts, producing hydrolyzed collagen or collagen peptides that can penetrate the strands better.

This is why random products that claim to be loaded with collagen may not work. For collagen to have the same effects it has on your skin, hydrolyzed collagen must be combined with other nourishing ingredients. Enter: Cream Silk Hydra Fresh.

Cream Silk Hydra Fresh conditioner is specially formulated with Hydra-Collagen® Technology to help hydrate your tresses, making it look bouncy and full of life. With regular use, it helps detangle and protect your precious locks, while aiding in nourishing each strand. The best part is that it feels light and is fast-rinsing, leaving your hair without that sticky, greasy feel.

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