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Here’s Why These Celebrities Are the Next Cool Girls

They definitely have transformed from teen queens to it girls.
Here’s Why These Celebrities Are the Next Cool Girls

A cool girl possesses more than just a pretty face or a charming personality; she possesses something innate to match her physical beauty, something uniquely her—a you-do-you quality that defines who she is outside expectations and clichés. Meet four modern Filipinas who definitely fit the bill.

Nadine Lustre


Nadine Lustre is a stunning Filipina beauty blessed with long perfect hair and beautiful skin. She’s extremely talented and has enough star quality to light of a galaxy of small and big screens.

But that’s not why people have fallen in love with her. She may make up half of one of the country’s most famous love teams, but Nadine made her mark in the business as an individual. She’s not afraid to break out of the typical leading lady mold to be her own self.

From her strong fashion statements to her cool taste in music, she has proven that she plays by her own rules. A woman blessed with crowning glory fit for a queen, thanks to her conditioner, Nadine is definitely a game changer.

Yassi Pressman


A girl is her prettiest when she is being herself. With her long beautiful mane (which she cares for with conditioner), fair skin, and bright eyes, Yassi Pressman looks like your prototypical hot young celebrity. But what sets her apart from other celebs her age is her what-you-see-is-what-you-get attitude. 

Just check out her Instagram and you’ll see all sorts of crazy/fun videos showing the world who the multitalented Yassi really is. But whether she’s singing, dancing, acting, or killing it on the cover a magazine, there’s one thing that is consistent when it comes to this go-getter: her undeniable confidence and perfect locks taken care of Cream Silk.

Coleen Garcia


No one can deny that Coleen Garcia is a total babe. She defines #FitnessGoals, and when she landed her first ever Preview cover, not to mention a live cover shoot Cream Silk's Transformations event. It was a no-brainer to dress her up in the hottest summer wear to showcase her rippled abs and overall toned bod.

In that same shoot, Coleen revealed that she is not the typical girl who goes to the gym to get thin. She doesn’t want a thigh gap, she works out to bulk up and build muscle mass, and she is proud of it. She’s always ready to put her thick, shiny mane up and work up a sweat to get stronger.

Julie Anne San Jose


Here in the Philippines, a celebrity needs to know how to sing and dance and act. That’s a pretty tall order, and let’s be honest, how many celebrities can you say are good at all three? They are a rare breed, but they do exist and Julie Anne San Jose is definitely one of them.

Born with pure talent, this girl doesn’t just dance, she busts a move. She doesn’t sing songs (that she also wrote herself, by the way), she belts them out like there’s no tomorrow. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that she looks the part of cool chick celebrity, too, with Cream Silk maintaned long locks, full lips, and killer bod.

These ladies are definitely #LifeGoals, but with a little help from Cream Silk, there is no doubt you can also bring out that cool girl in you, too. 

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