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Here’s Why a Dry Cut Is the Secret to Great Hair

Here’s Why a Dry Cut Is the Secret to Great Hair News flash: Your stylist has been cutting your hair wrong!

Brace yourself for a rude awakening: If you’ve been having your hair cut while it’s wet, chances are it’s not living up to its fullest potential.

Wait, what?!?

While it’s quite normal for us to have our hair shampooed and conditioned before our stylist dives in with a pair of shears, turns out cutting it dry can actually improve results by 100%. Take this into consideration: When hair is cut wet, its shape, color, and texture aren’t entirely visible. You won’t be able to see its actual length which makes the result a complete mystery. Here are a few things to take into consideration for your next trip to the salon:

1. Dry cutting brings out the best waves and curls.

Anyone who's blessed with a head full of curls knows that there’s a big risk of the stylist screwing up their locks when going for a trim. Why? They simply don’t understand your hair the way you do and wetting it with water only hides where the curls lie. Cutting curls dry allows the stylist to see where exactly should they snip so that they can layer it just right.


2. It’s gentler on brittle, thinning hair.

Hair is more fragile when it’s wet and can easily break when combed over and over again in the process of the haircut. Cutting it dry allows you to shed less hair, which is ideal for those suffering from breakage.

3. It’s precise and tailored specifically for you.

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When the stylist cuts your hair wet, they’re usually following a formula they learned in beauty school to achieve a certain look. Meanwhile, cutting hair dry reveals its true texture, allowing the stylist to create something that is unique to its characteristics. 

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