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Here's The Real Deal On Lip Liners

It's time to put an end to those lip liner faux pas you're guilty of committing.
Here's The Real Deal On Lip Liners It's time to put an end to those lip liner faux pas you're guilty of committing.

One of the more commonly bypassed beauty products would have to be the lip liner. Admit it, not a lot of you guys even give this pencil a second glance at beauty counters. The lip gloss at least gets haters, but the poor liner is just there like a wallflower, waiting for someone to finally take notice. Today, we put the product in the spotlight and give it the recognition it deserves.

 The lip liner’s main purpose is to prevent your lip stain from bleeding. Who wouldn’t want to be able to eat, drink, and move around without having to worry about looking like a vampire who just had her fill, right? Aside from that, we bet you also didn’t know that it is the answer to your fast-fading lipstick problems. Yup, and you can do that by simply using it the same way you use your lippie! Apply it generously all over your pouts prior to putting on your lipstick of choice and we assure you, it will lock in the color.


If you’re finally considering giving it a chance, read on for some rules you will need to remember.


The first and most important rule you will NEED to remember, is that no one should be able to tell that you’re wearing one. Pick a shade that will complement your lipstick. And by complement, we mean a hue that is in the same family, preferably a shade lighter.

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Soften the edges with cotton buds. Do not stop with just lining the edges of your lips. Make it look as natural as possible by lightly dabbing the bud around your lips and blending the liner with your lipstick.



They should always be freshly sharpened. Unsharpened tips will give you a mushed and messy effect—this is not what we’re going for.


It won’t stick if you have lip balm all over. If you really can’t go without the moisturizing goodness of a balm, then apply it before everything else and prep your pouts last to give your lips time to absorb it.

You don’t have to be a makeup pro to be able to use this product, so why not give the stick a chance? It really does deserve a slot in your arsenal. 

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