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Here's How You Diet Like A Preview Girl

Yes, you can eat that glazed Krispy Kreme.
Here's How You Diet Like A Preview Girl Yes, you can eat that glazed Krispy Kreme.

(Image from Jamie Nelson)

Does it stun you how all the women who are stylish and successful maintain a perfectly nipped waist and waif-like figure? What if we told you they ate pizza, cinnamon rolls, and ensaimadas just as you would? Revisiting an old article from Preview’s October 2014 issue, we take a look at three editors' diet food delivery programs and see how their sumptuous meals helped them shed a few extra pounds.


Editorial Assistant, Social Media

THE DIET: Healthy and filling meals from The Sexy Chef

WHAT SHE ATE: Heavy lunches that included fish salpicao and brown rice and a protein-rich dinner with beef and veggies.

THE CHEATS: Anything you want as long as you have it for breakfast.

THE RESULTS: Maura was able to go from a US size 8 to 6, and sometimes even squeeze into a 4.


Editorial Assistant, Creative Solutions

THE DIET: 1200-calorie meals that helped burn calories and speed up her metabolism from Diet Diva


WHAT SHE ATE: Spam sandwiches for breakfast, marinara pasta for lunch, yogurt as a snack, and chicken jambalaya for dinner.

THE CHEATS: Cheat weekends allowed her metabolism to spike back to its normal rate. This is important because since your body is so strained, it will need time to rest.

THE RESULTS: Chica shed a total of 15 pounds after a year of being on-and-off the diet.


Executive Editor

THE DIET: Four calorie-controlled meals per day made from organic ingredients from Healthy Eats

WHAT SHE ATE: Healthy takes on curry, carbonara, and bistek along with Asian beef salads and similar leafy green options

THE CHEATS: Cinnamon rolls and ensaimadas for midday snacks.

THE RESULTS: A noticeably flatter belly towards the end of the first week.