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Here's a Way to Tell If a Lipstick Shade Will Look Good on You

Let this Instagram account show you!
Here's a Way to Tell If a Lipstick Shade Will Look Good on You
Let this Instagram account show you!

Back then, lipstick only came in the traditional bullet form. Now, you enter the beauty section of a department store, and you see lippies in all its glory: bullets, stains, crayonsliquids, even minis! And don't let us get started on the long list of shades. While reds, pinks, and nudes are the classics, you can even go plum if you're feeling edgy, brown if you're feeling retro, and perhaps blue for those days you're feeling bold. While playing with different hues can be fun, one main problem that most girls face when lipstick shopping is how to tell if a lipstick shade will look good on her.

We've got some good news for you, ladies! We found an Instagram account that fixes this common beauty problem for beauty gals everywhere.

Piaget and Michelle are two girls who totally get the will-it-look-good-on-me dilemma of every girl so they created the @WillItLookGoodOnMeTho Instagram account where they show their followers how a lip color looks on Michelle's fair complexion and Piaget's deeper skin tone. How smart and creative are these duo?

Here they are rocking a Revlon lippie in Black Cherry

And here's another one where they both wore the same LA Splash lippie in Vindictive. Do you see the difference in the blue hue? 


Now you don't have to spend your allowance on a tube of lippie that won't look flattering on you. Just check out Piaget and Michelle's Instagram first and see how the lip color would look like on two contrasting skin colors before you shop!

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