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Here’s How to Pull Off a Blunt Bob Like Ylona Garcia

Cop her Star Magic Ball hair style here!
Here’s How to Pull Off a Blunt Bob Like Ylona Garcia Cop her Star Magic Ball hair style here!

A modern ‘do to match her modern frock, our June 2017 cover girl is fast proving her style mettle. Ylona Garcia certainly stood out in a sea of ball gowns in her frothy mullet dress by Martin Bautista, but her beauty look stopped us in our tracks.

IMAGE Dookie Ducay


"I’ve been wanting to do this look on her for a while now, even for her shows," shares hair stylist Ethan David, who is a staple in Ylona’s glam team. "So when I saw her tulle dress by Martin Bautista, I thought the look would be perfect. Her stylist Myrrh Lao To agreed because it would give contrast to the youthful and sweet feel of her dress."


IMAGE INSTAGRAM/charismadelaine


Ethan shared that he cut the wig two nights before the ball, and did a run through with her wearing her full look so that he would know what to do on the day itself. "It’s not actually hard to cut human hair wigs," says Ethan. "It’s just like cutting the hair on your head, especially if it’s a lace-type wig."

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IMAGE INSTAGRAM/charismadelaine


For reference, a lace or lace front wig is a type of wig wherein hair strands, human or synthetic, are woven through a sheer lace base and tied by hand. This sheer cap goes over your entire scalp for a snug fit. If you’ve watched our videos with Ylona, you’ll know the young star has the personality to pull off a bold new look like this. It’s a great way to change up your look for a special occasion without having to commit to chopping your hair.


We asked Ethan for tips on how to get the look.

1. Get the right wig.

"Ylona’s wig was actually custom made for her. Try to get a lace or lace-front wig to achieve a natural-looking head of hair."

2. Keep you’re natural hair tight and flat underneath.

"Try to really flatten the natural hair—like super flat—so when you put the wig on your head, it won’t look so big, as if you have another head of hair underneath it. Some people set the hair in cornrows before putting a wig on."

3. Make the hair part look natural.

"Put a skin tone concealer on the partition of the wig’s hair so that it will really look like your real scalp."

And there you have it! Do you think you’re ready to wear a wig to make a fashion statement?

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