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Here's How Nicole Scherzinger Stayed Fit For Cats The Musical

Fitness secrets from the Olivier Awards nominee.
Here's How Nicole Scherzinger Stayed Fit For Cats The Musical Fitness secrets from the Olivier Awards nominee.

Nicole Scherzinger only made her West End debut last December, but is already up for the Olivier Best Supporting Actress Award in a musical title. The Olivier Awards is the Oscars of British theater so we can only imagine her delight upon receiving such a prestigious nomination.

Nicole Scherzinger

However, her performance as Grizabella in the Andrew Lloyd Webber production, Cats, isn’t the only thing that gets a nod. At 36, the former Pussycat Dolls singer puts girls half her age to shame with her covetable, bangin' body. Though she recently underwent a heartbreak because of her split from Formula 1 World Champion Lewis Hamilton, she attributes her fit form to jogging.


Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole takes an interesting break from jogging at St. James Park.

After years of trying different workouts, Nicole has discovered running works best for her and when she is pounding the streets or treadmill, she often gets her best ideas.

Speaking to Now magazine, she said, "As for exercise, jogging is a great cardio workout but also helps me get in the right frame of mind. I get creative ideas and I'm very productive when I'm running. I love spin classes and yoga, too."

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Nicole Scherzinger

Nicole, killing it in Fendi heels! Wait, what?

Nicole says the CrossFit workout got her in shape very quickly but she found the program, which involves elements of Olympic weightlifting and gymnastics as well as other sports and exercises, was just too hard on her.

Yeah, right! She actually makes it look so easy!


"I tried CrossFit once. It got me in shape really fast but it was so intense—too much. Hiking and running in the canyons in LA is really effective but it's not my favorite—it's hardcore! Boxing wears me out, too. I'm tired after three minutes."

She spends less time in the gym now than she did in her 20s but believes the hard work she put in previously has given her good muscle memory.

She said, "I actually work out less often now. When I was younger I worked out like a fiend, so maybe that's helped me. It's carried me in good stead for my 30s. I'm proud of myself if I train four times a week. If I'm really getting in shape for something it's five to six days a week."

So ladies, gotta move those butts, stat! Keyword: muscle memory!


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