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Here's How Krystal Jung Keeps Her Skin Healthy

Get tips from the Bride of the Water God actress.
Here's How Krystal Jung Keeps Her Skin Healthy
Get tips from the Bride of the Water God actress.

When tvN released character photos for their new TV series Bride of the Water God, we can't help but notice f(x)'s Krystal Jung's radiant and glowing skin as the goddess Mura.


And because we're big fans of her since she played the character of Lee Bo Na on The Heirs, we just had to Google how she gets her beautiful skin. Apparently, she follows these six very simple principles to take care of her skin, which she spilled to Singapore's CLEO.

1. Remove your makeup before going to bed.

Krystal said this is the most important part of her routine and is crucual to maintaining its health.

2. Always apply moisturizer.

"For baby soft skin, apply moisturizer before going to bed at night," she told them. "When you wake up, you will find that your makeup adheres easily." We couldn't agree more!

3. Bring a skin mist to hydrate yourself throughout the day.

She says that once you feel that your skin is getting dry, "use the skin care mist to replenish moisture in your skin."

4. Use sheet masks regularly.

Especially if you're always in an airconditioned room! As we all know, airconditioning can dry up our skin quickly and that's why it's important to moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.

5. Hydrate!

We've heard this too many times already. Moisturize your skin from the inside by drinking a lot of water all throughout the day.

6. Finally, keep the stress away. 

"The most important way to maintain good health and skin is to reduce your stress levels," she explained. "If you're feeling stressed, listen to songs or watch movies that you like—it helps keep my stress levels down." Oh, Krystal, we couldn't agree more.

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