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Hello Dolly

Part 1 of our Haute Halloween makeup series.
Hello Dolly Part 1 of our Haute Halloween makeup series.

For Halloween, there's nothing worse than seeing yet another gal trick or treating in a schoolgirl skirt, a tired pair of fuzzy bunny ears or—que horror!—a glowing horn headband. Nix all the common sultry costumes and stand out from a bevy of clichéd angels and demons with a look that's creative and hauntingly original: the creepy doll. We all have an innate fear of dainty things going diabolical, so if you're in for a super-freaky costume but aren't ready to give up the fab, then the “possessed porcelain” look, with its huge mess of blonde curls, pink cheeks and smeared mascara, is right up your alley.

Grace Deang, one of Shu Uemura Philippines' 2009 Beauty Art Makeup Competition winners, started off with primer and foundation to keep the base intact for the whole evening (and for when your ghoulish delights last till dawn). Silver and blue shadow and thick false eyelashes emphasize the wide-eyed look, with big pink circles, as artificial-looking as possible, constituting the blush and applied on the apples of cheeks. Also, nothing works better than Barbie-pink lipstick when it comes to nailing a sweet-as-pie effect.

Borge Aloba of L'Oréal Professionnel created the crazy Curly Sue 'do. To simulate, wrap sections of hair around a double-pronged iron (a regular-pronged one works, too) and gather the crown into a half-ponytail. Using drugstore-bought spray-on color, layer yellow and brown shades on a white base to transform dark hair into blonde locks.

The look's pièce de résistance are the goopy smudges of mascara under the eyes; to achieve the goth detail, use a small synthetic brush to apply waterproof mascara on the undereye and cheek area. Dab clear gloss or petroleum jelly over the smears to simulate moisture for a true “tear-streaked” effect. A blank stare, a hidden bloody knife and a matching innocent grin, and you're ready to spook in style.

Happy Pumpkin Day!

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—Eunice Lucero, Beauty Editor


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