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Angel Locsin shares her top 5 tips on getting bikini-ready.
Heavenly Body Angel Locsin shares her top 5 tips on getting bikini-ready.

Although sipping a cocktail while watching the waves crash into the shore sounds like a dream come true, nothing is more daunting during the summer than slipping on that swimsuit. There is enough to feel insecure about on a daily basis with our wide hips, jiggling thighs and protruding bellies, but to put everything on display all at one time for the world to see and judge, sends shivers down my spine.

In an effort to keep a positive mindset and to face this beach fear head on, I decided to ask ultra-svelte Angel Locsin who graces the billboards of Folded and Hung in nothing but a two-piece bikini, what her top five tips are to getting beach sexy. Here is what she said:

1. Exercise, exercise, exercise! No pain, no gain!
2. When picking swimwear, I don't just look at style and color. Dapat tama ang fit sa katawan ko para mas comfortable akong kumilos-kilos at maganda rin tignan sa akin.
3. Make sure you have no unwanted hair!
4. Don't forget to apply sunblock, tanning oil or lotion. Shiny skin in the beach = sexy (Except for the face!).
5. No diets necessary. You can eat whatever you want, kaya ka rin nag e-exercise. That's your reward.

-Reggie Aquino, Beauty Assistant


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