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Heat Waves

Pantene gives pointers on copping the fastest–and fiercest–summer 'dos.
Heat Waves Pantene gives pointers on copping the fastest–and fiercest–summer 'dos.
Q: The heat has taken quite a toll on my strands. I need to know a quick way to style my hair, protect it from damage, all the while without fighting its natural texture. Help!

A: This is not the season for elaborate updos and product overload (you'll sweat most of it off by lunchtime, anyway). Nor do you want to spend your precious lazy-day minutes with just doing your hair; summer is too short to agonize about having every strand in place. Simplify your life by embracing your mane's natural texture for now, and enhance it with hairstyles that are effortlessly, glamorously summer-chic.

Summer is also the time that hair gets damaged the most: between direct UV exposure, humidity, saltwater, chlorine and frantic blowdrying and straightening to tame heat-induced frizz, damage is a harsh fact of life. Protection, dare we even mention, is crucial during pre- and post-exposure to the elements, whether in the form of intensive treatments or day-to-day maintenance.

Try to alternate your everyday shampoo and conditioner routine with a basic nourishing treatment. And in looking for something that fits seamlessly into your everyday routine, avoid those that take more than 15 minutes to work—you'll end up overlooking them and eventually skip the step entirely.

We love the wash-and-wear appeal of Pantene's 3-Minute Miracle Treatment, which basically has all the benefits of their famous haircare line in its most concentrated form. One ampoule is more than enough for medium to long strands, and its beauty lies in its simplicity: apply as often as you like (or think you need), leave on for three minutes, and you're out the door afterwards with locks that are instantly renourished.

Granted, it takes more than one helping to completely renew back-from-the-dead hair (it promises to restore strands from only three months of damage, after all), so chronic hair sinners should see results after around three shower sessions.

After giving your parched mane some TLC, resist the urge to overstyle again and add to the damage. Lush, natural-looking locks are sexier than something too studied, especially during the day. Also, anything more than 15 minutes should not belong in a modern woman's morning rituals.

Click on for fast and fabulous styling tips from Pantene's Council of Stylists.

Pantene 3-Minute Miracle Treatment, P300 for a box of 3 (P125 for singles), at leading drugstores.

—Eunice Lucero, Beauty Editor
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