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Heart For Olay

The new brand ambassadress says, “start early with skincare.”
Heart For Olay The new brand ambassadress says, “start early with skincare.”
Heart Evangelista has always been known for her fair, even complexion, so it's only natural that a global beauty brand like Olay would tap her to be their brand ambassadress.

“I'm familiar with Olay because I used to see it in my mom's dresser when we were living in the States,” reveals the actress. The cold weather, and resulting dry skin, pushed a young Heart to sneak dollops out of her mom's pot to soothe her own skin.

Being the face of Olay's Natural White Day Cream has Heart poised to reach out to girls in their teens and women in their twenties. “When you're young, you tend to take your skin for granted,” she observes, pertaining perhaps to the unapologetic way young women bask in the sun (be it for sports or tanning), stay out late, and neglect to moisturize.

It's all about prevention. “When you're old and all you can do is inject, inject, inject, you'll wish you had started taking care of your skin earlier,” she jokes then quite firmly adds, “you need to start taking care of your skin even when you're young.” And with the day cream's P79 price tag (for 20g tubes), it's impossible to pull the budget card to rationalize not spending on a moisturizer.

Now in her early twenties, Heart shares that she has made a few lifestyle changes to take better care of herself. “I've always believed that true beauty starts from within. Just like when we want to have a beautiful body, we have to start by eating healthy; if we want beautiful skin, we need to feed it with the right products. Olay Natural White has a great combination of vitamins (Vitamin B3, Pro-Vitamin B5, and Vitamin E to be precise) to keep our skin nourished and give us that healthy glow.”

Apart from changing her skincare regimen, she has also begun to incorporate some form of exercise in her day-to-day activities (those who follow her in Twitter know that she runs on the treadmill and walks her dogs regularly), and she watches her diet as well.

Her sales pitch? “Even if you don't have a love life, you look like you do,” she laughs, claiming that even at a low point, she looked like she was in full bloom.

Click on to view the full range of Olay's Natural White line.

—Isha Andaya, Managing Editor

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