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Heart Evangelista's Genius Tip Will Change the Way You Use Moisturizer

She takes hydration seriously.
Heart Evangelista's Genius Tip Will Change the Way You Use Moisturizer
IMAGE Courtesy of Happy Skin
She takes hydration seriously.

The relationship oily-skinned people have with moisturizer is complicated. But whether you love moisturizing or would rather opt for other hydrating skincare products, it's always interesting to find out what works for other people.

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At the recently concluded Happy Skin event, we learned that Heart Evangelista has a combination skin type a.k.a. an oily T-zone. Still, the actress claims that she's not one to skimp on skincare—to the point where she uses not just one but two moisturizers for her daily regimen. She has a good reason for it, too.

While we would normally use the same moisturizer on both our face and neck, Heart feels that the two have different issues that can be addressed separately. "I have a heavy [moisturizer] for my neck, and a lighter one for my face," the actress tells Preview.

The logic behind having a lightweight moisturizer for the face is clear. It accommodates the oiliness on her T-zone and doesn't aggravate it. Using a heavy-duty moisturizer on the neck makes sense as well, as that area is not as oily as our face and usually requires more hydration. Heart explains that she does this specifically to prevent neck wrinkles, also noting how she applies it on her jawline as well to keep it from sagging. So if you've only been moisturizing your face, take this as your cue to work that hydration a little lower!

Now, if using two different moisturizers sounds like a lot of work for you, don't fret. One moisturizer can do the job, provided that you apply more on your neck than you do on your face. It's all about finding out what works best for you!


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