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Heart Evangelista Is Launching a Lipstick Collection with L'Oréal

She's the first Filipina artist to collaborate with the brand!
Heart Evangelista Is Launching a Lipstick Collection with L'Oréal
IMAGE Sam Navalta
She's the first Filipina artist to collaborate with the brand!

Heart Evangelista is merging two of her passionsart and beautyin an exciting collaboration with L'Oréal Paris. The actress is releasing a five-piece lipstick collection that features not only shades that were curated by the brand and Heart herself, but also one of her newest paintings. The artwork, which she reveals is a piece about women empowerment, is printed on a sticker that's wrapped around each lipstick tube. This officially makes Heart the first Filipino artist that has collaborated with the international makeup brand on a lipstick collection.

In the video below, Preview gets candid with Heart about her "firsts" as she tells us all about L'Oréal x Love Marie:

To find out more about the collection, read our exclusive interview with Heart below:

Hi Heart! How did the idea of a collaboration with L'Oréal Paris come about? How did you feel when you first heard that they wanted to work with you?

"GMA told me that they [L'Oréal] wanted to collaborate, and then I remember at that time I was also pressured. I said, 'Oh my god I cannot create what they want, the look that they want,' but it was nice that they wanted to be as authentic and as me as possible. They didn't want to direct me or tell me what kind of painting they want. They just looked at the paintings that were available, although I already suggested this one [since] it had the same feel. That's when they said it was a go. [It was] super perfect because there's five shades and five women in the painting."


L'Oréal doesn't do this often. How does it feel being the first ever Filipina artist to partner with L’Oreal for a lipstick collection?

"I'm very happy, of course. I love collaborating. It's always such a privilege to be collaborating with a brand outside the Philippines. It's nice because you carry the Filipino flag and represent Filipinos. Everyone's going global and it's nice to be part of that."

What brought about the idea to use your paintings for lipstick cases?

"I guess because I've been collaborating also with other brands. It's really who I am now. I'm more expressive about who I am and not really the character I'm portraying for a certain telenovela. My paintings would best describe who I am—not just what you see but what's in me, so I thought that would also be perfect to collaborate with L'Oréal because [they're] all about self-worth and about your being."

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Heart Evangelista and her five-piece lipstick collection with L'Oréal Paris.
PHOTO BY Sam Navalta

You mentioned that your art is a reflection of the real you. If someone was looking at a Love Marie artwork, what would you want them to think?

"A woman, who wears her heart on her sleeve, who is just very true to herself. I'm very open about how I feel, so I guess it's the same with my paintings. They're very colorful so I'm a very hopeful person, so maybe that."


This is one of your biggest collaborations not just as a celebrity but as an artist. How do you hope to represent Filipino talent to the world through this project?

"One is it's like they're transporting your painting somewhere else—that already is a huge step. But at the same time, hopefully aside from just being Filipino, but as a woman and what I represent and what I believe in, [this] inspires women that will use the lipstick."

How different is this collaboration from others you’ve done so far?

"This is very different because I just made the painting, so I am very different today compared to who I was last year and years before. I think it was also the perfect timing to come out with this collaboration with this certain painting because this is who I am today, and this is what I believe in today, and it's more relevant now."


How did you curate the shades in the collection?

"L'Oréal wanted to be very basic and classic and I really do believe [in that]. I love trends, I don't mind testing trends from time to time, it's fun, but I'm also more of a classic woman. I love red lipsticks, I love the '40s. I also am very smart about what I buy, so if you're going to buy a certain shade of lipstick you'd want to make sure you'll use it every day. Also, [we] want to cater to the women today, who are busy yet they don't forget their sense of self, so that's why we came out with these colors."


L'oréal x Love Marie will be exclusively available in Lazada on June 17. For more details, follow Heart on Instagram.

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