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Heart Evangelista Will Change the Way You Use Conditioner

What a genius trick!
Heart Evangelista Will Change the Way You Use Conditioner
What a genius trick!

Heart Evangelista has had straight black hair for as long as we can remember. She herself considers it her signature look, admitting that she's been dyeing her locks black for years. Apart from avoiding bleach, however, the actress swears by one more thing to keep her hair healthy: conditioner. She says it's her secret to maintaining her smooth and shiny tresses.

In an Instagram post, she claims that being a conditioner brand's endorser for 15 years has led her to discovering the technique that works for her best. She writes, "What I've learned to do with my @creamsilkph conditioners is using them on the tips, and never on the roots of my hair. It creates the smoothest, silkiest, and shiniest hair you'll ever see!"


So should we skip conditioning our roots like Heart? We asked Joe Almakdesi, Creative Director of Aveda partner salon Basement Salon Rockwell, for his thoughts, plus more of our conditioner FAQs.

How does conditioner benefit hair?

According to Joe, using conditioner is crucial to healthy hair because it protects your hair from damage. "When you shampoo, you open the cuticle of the hair...conditioner closes the cuticle and seals it," he explains. This explains why your strands feel so much smoother with conditioner than without. Skipping it, Joe adds, could merit more hair fall or breakage, especially when you brush your locks out while it's still wet.

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Do we need to use conditioner daily?

The hair expert says that how often you wash your hair entirely depends on you, but if you prefer to wash yours every day, then the answer to using conditioner daily is a definite yes. What matters is you condition every time you shampoo (even if you have an oily scalp), the reason why being explained above.


Should we apply conditioner to our roots?

So is Heart's conditioner trick expert-approved? It actually is! Joe says that unless you have scalp problems and require a treatment, there's no need to apply conditioner to your roots. Otherwise, the conditioner will only be lumped together with the hair products you use and the dirt you collect from stepping outside, building unnecessary layers on the surface of your scalp—especially if you don't prefer a daily cleanse. "Your scalp [won't] really be breathing, and that causes dandruff and a dry scalp, where all the problems start," he says.

Joe adds that we should be wary of how much conditioner we use as well. Applying too much can also lead to product buildup on the scalp, so we recommend depositing a small amount for your lengths and ends, and only apply more when needed. 


How do you use conditioner? Sound off below!

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