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Heart Evangelista Reveals the Real Reason Why She Chopped Off Her Long Hair

She calls it her "new era."
Heart Evangelista Reveals the Real Reason Why She Chopped Off Her Long Hair
She calls it her "new era."

Despite what most people say, girls don’t just cut their hair because they’re heartbroken or trying to move on from a breakup. Cutting your hair can also symbolize growth and change, and in Heart Evangelista’s case, that’s exactly why she decided to cut her hair. “I decided to chop my hair off because I feel like this is a new era in my life,” said the style icon.

Heart Evangelista Chopped Off Her Hair to Symbolize Her New Era

When asked about her “new era” during Cream Silk’s event at KOOP Studio, BGC last July 12, she said, “I try to be as open as possible to everybody that watches my vlogs and everything. But there are some things that I just keep to myself. Whether that's stuff that happens with other people or my inner monsters are destroying me almost every day. But I feel that I have really gotten over a lot.” 

If you’ve been following Heart for a while, you’d know that the star went through some rough patches in the past year. Aside from facing breakup rumors with her husband Sen. Chiz Escudero, she also opened up in one of her vlogs about experiencing personal struggles, saying that she’s been feeling a lot of pressure in her life and that "she was in search of just being happy."

Despite the hardships, Heart seems to be in a much better place these days. Subtly addressing the rumors surrounding her husband, she continued, “All I can say is my husband has stepped up a thousand times more, and because of that, I feel very supported, and I feel like I'm a better person also, and I'm just very, very thankful for where I am with my husband and my life now.”

Heart has gone through so many hair transformations in just one year. From having long blonde locks, then dyeing it a dark brown, and then recently chopping it off into a bob. Not to mention, all the styling that happens in between, which causes damage to the hair as well.


Want to know how she keeps her hair looking healthy and fresh despite all the curling, straightening, and dyeing? Here are her top three hair care tips:

Heart Evangelista’s Top 3 Hair Care Tips

1. Don't shampoo your hair every day.

“I don't necessarily like to shampoo my hair every day. But I definitely need to condition, especially the roots. I like to also leave [the conditioner] overnight, especially when I do a lot of heat,” she said. She also mentioned that she uses Cream Silk’s Daily Treatments and that she liked the Keratin treatments the best. "The keratin is magic. Anything keratin is the best."

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2. She styles her hair more mindfully.

As we all know, most styling tools use heat but Heart revealed that she uses the Dyson Airwrap to style her hair, and compared to other styling tools this is supposed to be less damaging than regular tools. “It's the best, especially if you have short hair,” she said. 


3. Listen to your hair.

“You always have to listen to your hair,” said Heart. “Of course, you have the tools to keep it beautiful and all of that, but for me, the more natural, the more nonchalant it looks, the better,” she continued. 

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