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Review: These Gel Polishes Will Give You Your Quickest Manicure Yet

Review: These Gel Polishes Will Give You Your Quickest Manicure Yet
IMAGE Angeline Morales
Another hit from Happy Skin!

Gel mani fans, rejoice! Happy Skin just released its first line of gel nail polishes with a formulation that require no time under the UV lamp. Yup, believe it. Consider it your at-home pamper session's latest upgrade. Introducing, the Express Gel Polishes!

IMAGE Happy Skin

Happy Skin Express Gel Polish 2-in-1 Base + Color, P249,

What the Express Gel Polish promises is what we're all probably looking for in a nail polish: long-wearing, chip-resistant, and a breeze to remove. Name your mood and you'll for sure find your match in one of the six shades.


IMAGE Happy Skin

From left to right: Icon, Influencer, Achiever, Mirror-Shine Top Coat, Dreamer, Artist, and Superstar

Icon, for example, is the classic red that'll definitely make you look the part. Influencer is a dark taupe for fans of deeper hues. Meanwhile, Achiever (a soft pink) and Dreamer (light gray) are the lightest shades of the bunch, both perfect for a no-fuss mani. You'll also find a great nude in Artist, and a bold hue in the metallic gold that is Superstar.

Our editor-in-chief, Isha Valles, managed to give these polishes a test run before the launch, so keep scrolling for her full review!

IMAGE Happy Skin

What: Happy Skin Express Gel Polish 2-in-1 Base + Color in Superstar and Mirror-Shine Top Coat

Current condition:

I've always found doing my nails therapeutic. In fact, putting on a fresh coat of polish has become a habit before I sit down to write—it gets me in the zone. However, I also notice that certain lacquers leave my nails yellow, even after a short period of wearing them. Broken, yellowed nails are not pretty, so I've become diligent about picking my polish, taking breaks and applying hand cream.

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There are certain things I appreciate in a nail lacquer. Here is how Happy Skin's latest release fared with my criteria:

1. The width and shape of the brush: The applicator was wide and fanned out over my nails, so I could paint them evenly in 2-3 quick strokes.

2. The texture of the formula: I like how light and easy to spread the formula was. The shade I tried (Superstar) had a glittery sheen and I liked the sheer yet wearable finish it had after one application (great for layering over other shades, too!). After a second coat, the formula settled evenly on my nails with no visible streaks, but that also could be because of the metallic glitter finish. I already liked the finish on its own, but was pleasantly surprised by the top coat when I finished applying it. It does not come on thick, and leaves nails with a nice shine.


IMAGE Happy Skin

3. Drying time: I have a bad habit of moving my hands right after applying polish, so I tend to ruin it right away. In this case, the paint stayed intact even as I switched hands while applying it. I timed it and after about 20 minutes, my nails were safe to touch. (Note: not completely dry but no longer sticky.)

4. Strength: Since I work a lot with my hands, I always manage to chip my polish at the tips of my nails by day two, if I haven't yet on the first day. In this case, it was still intact by day three, and only showed signs of true wear by day four. Quite a feat!

5. The variety of shades: The range is still small with six hues, but they are all useful shades. They're all the right shades of blush, nude, gray, and deep red, and all have a suitable occasion and outfit to match. The copper color with its subtle glitter effect is a nice wildcard to have, too.


Happy Skin's new nail polish meets my criteria for a value product. I especially like that it's vegan and free from 10 harmful toxins commonly found in nail lacquers. Plus, it doesn't require a base coat before application, which lessens the steps before getting nicely painted tips.

IMAGE Happy Skin

The Express Gel Polishes will be available on the Happy Skin website starting today, July 12. At P249 each, it's a steal! Grab yours early to score cool discounts, like getting three shades plus the top coat for only P899!

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