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5 Spooky Nail Art Designs to Show to Your Manicurist This Halloween

5 Spooky Nail Art Designs to Show to Your Manicurist This Halloween
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Tricks and treats for your nails!

We don't know about you, but we're always very excited about Halloween. A once-in-a-year event that involves costumes, candies, and parties? Count us in! Whether you're planning to go #extra for your costume or simply looking for a subtle way to sport the Halloween aesthetic, we suggest dressing up your digits for the occasion! Here are some cool and spooky nail designs to ask your manicurist to do for you:

1. Pumpkins

Halloween—or the fall season in general—just isn't complete without pumpkins. You might as well draw literal inspo from it as your nail art. Just imagine how pretty your digits would look like while carving out those jack-o-lanterns.


2. Black Cat

Are you a cat lady? Show off your love for your furry friend loud and proud with these minimalist nail designs!

3. Ghouls

Getting that perfect balance of spooky and cute is achievable with these adorable ghost-themed nail art pegs.

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4. Faux Blood

No need to trouble yourself with cleaning up fake blood from your clothes after the party! Simply put 'em on your nails instead.


5. Evil Eye

They say the eyes are the windows to the soul, after all. Give people more than just a peek with extra sets of peepers painted on your nails!

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