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You Have to Watch This Girl Transform into a White Walker

Introducing, the Night Queen.
You Have to Watch This Girl Transform into a White Walker
IMAGE Trina Elefante and Lian Dumas
Introducing, the Night Queen.

If you're already thinking of dressing up as a white walker for Halloween, we suggest you don't stop there. Take your Game of Thrones addiction to the next level by going as their queen, a.k.a. the Night Queen. To help you out, watch how we transformed a model into the feared king of winter's bride:

We know it doesn't look easy, but DIY-ing this look is indeed possible with the right tools. Below, we had makeup artist Sylvina Lopez break down how you can recreate this look!

Step 1: Brows

In the video, Sylvina stiffened the model's brows with glycerin soap that you can buy pretty much anywhere (remember soap brows?). You can also use a non-toxic glue stick, a trick we learned from drag makeup, then top the hairs with loose powder. This should make the brows flat enough to paint over with white face paint.

Step 2: The Crown


The "crown" of our white walker was made out of plastic thorns, which you can purchase at any costume specialty store. The makeup artist attached them with cosmetic adhesive but good quality eyelash glue will do. Use a hair dryer in the cold air setting to help it dry faster. If all else fails, switch the horns with an actual crown!

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IMAGE Graftobian

Graftobian Liquid Latex, 350; Pro Adhesive, P495, Pure Beauty

Step 3: Base

To create the complexion of a white walker, she mixed a blue cream base with a bit of gray and painted the model's entire face with it. The face was then powdered with matte blue eyeshadow. Sylvina did this because cream products tend to feel tacky on the skin, and powders stop the paint from transferring and moving. It makes blending other powders over the skin easier, too!

Tip: Some paints will stain your makeup brushes so choose your tools for this look carefully. Use brushes with synthetic bristles instead of natural hair to spare yourself from a messy clean up!


IMAGE Make Up For Ever

Make Up For Ever 12 Flash Color Case, P5850, SM Megamall

Step 4: Details

"Contouring" your white walker's face with various colors will make it more realistic. Black eyeshadow was used to fill in the model's eyelids, create dark circles, and shade the inner part of the lips. For definition, she used a dark blue shadow and eyeliner over the cheeks, lips, and eyes. Add more details as you see fit to tailor it your face shape!

Step 5: Body

Once the face is complete, paint over the parts of your body that'll be exposed. Sylvina suggests using a water-based body paint for this so you wouldn't have a difficult time washing it off. When it dries, contour your neck, chest, and collarbones to make them look extra gaunt. 

Step 6: Finishing touches

All that's left to do now is put on the contacts and the wig! We used blue costume lenses for this, and prepped the hair with tight braids and a wig cap before putting on a white synthetic wig. And voilà! A costume that'll be a sure hit at every party.


Advanced happy Halloween, Preview girls!

Produced by Nicole Arcano

Video by Trina Elefante, Lian Dumas

Edit by Ray Gonzales

Makeup by Sylvina Lopez

Hair by Erik Pangasinan

Model: Mariah Jowett of Art Personas

Wig from Lynelle House of Hair Fashion

Clothes from Warehouse

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