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5 Daring Hairstyles You Shouldn't Be Afraid to Try

Because trying something new can be so liberating.
5 Daring Hairstyles You Shouldn't Be Afraid to Try

While you’ve probably dreamed about trying a chic, trendy hairdo or a vibrant dye job, chances are you’ve backed out for fear of looking bad or being judged by others. This is exactly what Dove’s My Hair, My Say campaign wants to address: that you can stand up for your own personal definition of beauty—no matter what others (and the critic in you) might think. If you’re feeling inspired to change up your cut and color, here are five hairstyles for you to try on your next trip to the salon:

1. Bright Colored Balayage

Similar to an ombré, this coloring technique involves hand-painting your hair to create soft highlights that lighten towards the ends, making the transition look more natural.
A lot of women opt for neutral colors like blonde or light brown, but you can stand out and play up your adventurous side by going for brighter and bolder hues. An aquamarine balayage, for example, would look fun and edgy.

2. Pink Hair

From strawberry and neon magenta to cotton candy and rose quartz, there are so many pink shades to choose from. All the same, the process of going pink can be a bit daunting: You would need to bleach your hair, use quality dye to color it, and prevent the color from fading by using hair toner—be sure to consult a hair professional first! The long process is worth the wait: While the color pink is associated with all things feminine, it can also add attitude to any look.

3. Blunt Bob with Baby Bangs

If you want a classic and sophisticated cut, you can’t go wrong with a one-length bob. Add in those trendy baby bangs and you’ll exude a high fashion vibe. This hairstyle looks and feels light and frames the jawline, drawing attention to your facial features. Make this haircut look even better with red lips, bold brows, and a sharp contour.

4. Platinum Blonde Pixie

If any hairstyle is going to turn heads, it’s this one. It’s a drastic and radical change, hence exuding confidence and originality. Although the pixie cut isn’t known for being too feminine, it can definitely add some softness to your everyday ensemble while polishing your image for that strong-woman look. There are many variations to the classic pixie cut, so consult your stylist on what style and shade would suit you the best.

5. Half-and-Half Dyed Hair

Cruella de Vil donned this ‘do, but we’re sure you can pull it off better. Go subtle with natural tones, play it up with colorful pastels, or make it stark by splitting your hair black and white.

If you need a bit more motivation, watch what happens when three Preview girls finally get the bold, drastic hairstyles they’ve always wanted to try:

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