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Surgery, The Korean Girl's Answer To A Large Forehead

An extreme solution for self-conscious fiveheads.
Surgery, The Korean Girl's Answer To A Large Forehead An extreme solution for self-conscious fiveheads.

Korean vloggers find ways not to fit five fingers between their brows and hairline - a five-head.

What to do when you have a large forehead? Lower your hairline.

Jeff Sinclair, managing director for a hair restoration machine group, let Style Bible in on the new beauty trend. “Korean women want to look more Western,” he said. “They want a smaller face, which they achieve by lowering their hairline.” 

Indeed, a video tutorial by Korean vlogger Lamuqe (she created a faux-low hairline – with makeup!) shows as much. But for five-heads who crave a more permanent solution, Sinclair’s company has a fix via its new machine - the ARTAS Robotic Hair Transplant.


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Korean blogger Lamuqe uses Powder Eyeshadow #139 and Brow Seal from Make Up For Ever (Php875 and Php1050, SM Mega Fashion Hall) to create a faux-low hairline.

On a recent visit to the Aivee Institute, we got a peek at the robotic hair-plucker. The Wall-E like contraption has a head that hovers over one’s own and grabs at individual hairs, like it’s harvesting rice, while digital imaging screens target each hair for maximum speed and accuracy. Head hair-transplant surgeon Dr. Jose Crisanto III then implants them manually onto sparse parts, though he admits his core clientele includes balding males. (Mike Carandang, Edu Manzano and the long-locked Inno Sotto all attest to the quick recovery time.) “But what I discovered from the conferences I attended was this new trend of lowering the hairlines,” said the doctor.


While the surgery obviously costs more than Lamuqe’s two-product solution, it actually lasts. Goodbye, five-head. Hello, four-head.

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