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FYI, the Way You Part Your Hair Could Be the Reason Behind Your Hair Fall

It's time for a change!
FYI, the Way You Part Your Hair Could Be the Reason Behind Your Hair Fall
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It's time for a change!

If you've been worrying about hair fall and can't seem to pinpoint what's potentially causing it, celebrity hair stylist and owner of Marqed Salon, Mark Anthony Rosales, may have an answer for you—and the culprit might not be as obvious as you think.

According to Mark, your hair's partition might be the one to blame for this particular hair problem. Apparently, keeping the same hair part for an extended period of time can be damaging to your hair more than you know. He explains, "The longer you part your hair in the same way, the more you weigh that area down. Your strands get overexposed to excessive heat from the sun and its dirt can also buildup. This, of course, can eventually lead to hair breakage, thinning, and hair fall."


It may be an alarming new information, but now that you know, remember to change up your hair part every now and then! Apart from making your hair essentially healthier, according to Mark, there are also other benefits to switching up your 'do every once in a while. "Changing your partition will add volume to your hair, can easily give you a new look, frame the face, and lastly, help tame those flyaway baby hairs," he advises.

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You won't just be avoiding hair fall, you'll also get yourself a new look. Now that's a win-win!

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