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5 Chic, Low-Maintenance Haircuts That Grow Gracefully

There are no awkward phases with these!
5 Chic, Low-Maintenance Haircuts That Grow Gracefully
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There are no awkward phases with these!

The secret to limiting your salon visits lies in your choice of cut and color. When it comes to haircuts, choose a style that'll look fresh even a month (or months) after your last trim—in short, those that you know would grow gracefully. Luckily, many of these options are effortlessly chic! For some ideas, check out the looks below:

1. Collarbone length hair with textured layers

Collarbone length styles are the shortest you can go without going through that awkward in-between length. A one-length cut with layers will help the growing out process go even smoother, limiting the need for frequent trims. It'll give you that effortless, beachy vibe, too.

PHOTO BY Instagram/leilalcasid

2. Blunt lob

Want to keep things simple? Go for a one-length long bob to achieve a clean look and the illusion of thicker hair sans the layers. You'll love this if you have fine or thin hair that needs a volume boost or just want a fuss-free 'do in general.

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3. Long, layered hair

If you're keeping your hair long, ask your stylist for layers so when it grows, it won't end up too heavy or unruly (especially if you have thick hair!). Not only will it help your long mane look polished in the long run, layered hair also requires less styling!

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4. Long fringes

Technically, any fringe can look good forever if you know how to trim it yourself. That said, long fringes like curtain bangs or face-framing layers are ones that you don't have to touch at all and they'd still look good. Their effortless face-framing benefits are a definite plus.

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5. Precision cuts

Precision cuts are bespoke haircuts that are tailor-made for you by a professionally trained hairstylist. They consider your features, your lifestyle, and any ideas you have in mind to create a haircut that suits you perfectly. Because of that, precision cuts are specifically made to grow out gracefully!

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