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5 Hair Salon Treatments to Achieve Silky Smooth Hair

Say yes to frizz-free hair!
5 Hair Salon Treatments to Achieve Silky Smooth Hair
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Say yes to frizz-free hair!

Anyone with a particular interest in having their hair colored, styled, straightened, or permed knows that they come with a major con: hair damage. While DIY treatments are one thing, one way to revive your hair (successfully!) is to indulge it with a salon treatment that can resurrect the softness and luster of your tresses. And unlike at-home treatments, professional care has a potent formula that will grant you an instant makeover.

However, we can all agree that choosing a hair treatment can be confusing, especially with the influx of new offerings. To grant you some ease, we listed five salon treatments that can make your tresses gain that healthy feeling again. Hello, bounce, shine, and softness!

5 Salon Treatments to Smooth and Soften Your Hair

1. Bench Fix Kerasilk Treatment 

The keratin treatment is always a popular choice to add after getting a color. This is a chemical-based formula that can give you long-lasting effects for three to four months. Take it for a spin at Bench Fix with their Kerasilk treatment, which promises straightness and bounce so that your hair will never look flat.


Once the formula has settled, it’s flat-ironed to train the hair to straighten in the long term. It also helps in taming flyaways, controlling frizz, and correcting split ends. Just remember not to wash your locks for at least three days for the treatment to fully lock in.

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Kerasilk Treatment, P3800, BENCH FIX SALON, Trinoma

2. Estetika Hair Botox Treatment

We all know botox as the ultimate anti-wrinkle solution for your skin, but have you also heard of hair botox? This treatment does not involve needles, but it does give your locks a youthful-looking bounce and shine. Estetika’s hair botox is the same as a keratin treatment, where the formula is flat ironed to seal in the formula. But the waiting time to wash your locks after getting a hair botox will just take you a day. 

What makes this different from a keratin treatment is that they use a non-chemical deep conditioning mixture. It cancels out frizz by nourishing each strand with healthy ingredients such as caviar oil , antioxidants, vitamin B5, vitamin E, and collagen. We highly recommend this for people whose hair experiences frizz especially on humid days, which is probably a concern for anyone living in the Philippines.

PHOTO BY courtesy of Estetika


Hair Botox, P3000, ESTETIKA, Filinvest Alabang

3. Koop Nano-Steam Treatment

Those who have wavy or curly tresses are certainly not a stranger to frizz. To give your locks some TLC, this nano-steam treatment of Koop is a great option for anyone who wants to maintain and improve the natural shape of their hair. 


Before they add the treatment, Koop’s starts by gently steaming off an alkaline agent to open your hair cuticles and effectively absorb their deep conditioning solution. Once the formula is locked into the strands, a frozen iron is used to suppress hair damage and intensely moisturize your hair to achieve a strong, shiny, and frizz-free mane. Since this is a treatment that does not use strong chemicals and heat, having it done bi-weekly is advised to keep a soft and silky bounce to your hair.

PHOTO BY Instagram/@koopstudio


Nano-Steam Treatment, P6000, KOOP STUDIO, Bonifacio Global City

4. Aura Salon’s Hair Spa

Looking for a fuss-free hair treatment? A hair spa is a simple procedure that targets your roots and follicles to promote healthy hair growth. Its moisturizing and cleansing formula slides off dirt, pollution, and sun damage to unlock the silky feel and shiny look of your tresses. If dandruff is also a concern, we suggest Aura Salon’s hair spa. Their formula creates a good scalp environment that keeps it from releasing excess sebum which is a big vitamin for dandruff.  Their hairdressers advise having this treatment done weekly or bi-weekly to keep your crown looking and feeling healthy.

Hair Spa, P1100, AURA SALON, UP Town Center

5. David's Salon Hot Oil Treatment

If your hair is very dry from the countless hair coloring and bleaching sessions, a hot oil treatment can help your tresses regain their former glory. Unlike deep conditioning which supplies great hydration, hot oil has strengthening properties that provide moisture while also binding into the strands to make it more elastic– which is also perfect for anyone experiencing noticeable hair fall. 


At David’s Salon, their hot oil treatment comes with a lengthy head massage which helps in blood circulation to deliver nutrients to the roots. If you do this regularly, you’ll notice your hair will feel healthier, stronger, and shinier than before.

Hot Oil Treatment, P800, DAVID’S SALON, SM North

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