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What to Look for In Your Hair Products If You Struggle With Dandruff

Are these products really good for your scalp?
What to Look for In Your Hair Products If You Struggle With Dandruff

Even if you love experimenting with fashion, wearing dark colors and jewel tones when you have dandruff is unfortunately not the best choice. These hues can make any flakes more visible on your clothing, and you wouldn't want to risk that from happening. And while there are anti-dandruff solutions in the market, some of them may do more harm than good by drying out your strands. Between nourishing hair and getting rid of those flakes, you shouldn’t compromise your hair care needs. Look for these ingredients on the label when you shop for anti-dandruff products:

1. Piroctone Olamine

This anti-fungal ingredient is known to fight Malassezia, a known fungus that can cause your scalp to become dry and flaky. Piroctone Olamine works as an anti-dandruff active that’s gentle on the scalp and can help reduce flakiness with regular use.

2. pH-Balanced Formula

Potential Hydrogen or pH refers to the ratio of acidity or alkalinity in substances. When there’s a pH imbalance in your hair, your scalp can become extra oily and produce dandruff. If the shampoo is not pH-balanced, it will most likely cause irritation in the scalp, which may lead to dryness, flaking, and itching.

3. Sunflower Seed Oil

Because of its emollient properties, sunflower seed oil is a godsend for those who struggle with dandruff. It helps seal in moisture to keep your scalp strong and healthy, and also contains linoleic acid and trigylcerides that help strengthen the scalp barrier and prevent dandruff from recurring.

Living with an oily scalp and persistent dandruff can be a struggle, but that doesn’t mean nothing can be done to make your hair problem any better. Gain back your hair confidence with the new Dove Dermacare Scalp Soothing Moisture Anti-Dandruff Shampoo and Conditioner—it has a pH-balanced formula made with Olacare Scalp Actives, comprised of piroctone olamine and sunflower seed oil, to help nourish and soothe your scalp, while leaving you with flake-free, nourished, smooth, and manageable hair. With products that work double-time for your hair, there’s #NoCompromiseWithDove.

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