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Hair Diaries: The Road to Rose Gold Hair

Agoo Bengzon tries on the trendy hue.
Hair Diaries: The Road to Rose Gold Hair Agoo Bengzon tries on the trendy hue.

My mantra, when it comes to my hair, has always been, "Go bold or go home." Every year or so, I make the big decision to completely overhaul my hairstyle. So far, I've gone super short, switched from red to ash blonde, and sported blunt bangs. For all these looks, I relied on the only two people I could ever trust with my locks, Vidal Sassoon-trained Jude Hipolito and master colorist Rose Mariñas of JuRo Salon Exclusif at Kensington Place in BGC. They've been my go-to stylists for more than a decade now, and every hair journey with them has been a blast. This year, I made the decision to try out a trending color for hair, rose gold.

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The task would not be easy as it would entail bleaching my entire head of locks, and a precision cut that would get rid of damaged and dry ends without necessarily sacrificing length (I told them I wanted to keep the length as much as possible). Lo and behold, they managed to give me exactly what I had enivisoned, with every strand still intact, and in a perfect rose gold shade. Yes folks, dreams can come true. 


My "before" picture.

Rose started off by checking the condition of my hair. Rose says, "Hair has to be flexible, with elasticity, and not overly damaged. I also look at the scalp—it has to be healthy. An over-sensitized scalp may not react well during the bleaching process." 

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Tools of the trade.

Rose then applied a protective lotion on the scalp and areas behind the ears, as well as any skin near the face like the nape and hairline. She left this on for ten minutes, then applied Elgon's Blueberry Bleach Powder Bleach mixed with Olaplex No. 1 Bond Multiplier (Rose uses a ratio of two cups of bleaching powder with seven ounces of Olaplex No. 1, a miracle product that rebuilds the strength, structure and integrity of your hair), making sure to incorporate the powder with peroxide in a slow manner. Rose says that based on experience, mixing briskly compromises the color saturation on hair. 

Rose began applying the bleach mixture at the back part of my head because, "It's the coldest part, and it takes a while for the bleach to be absorbed at the cooler areas," explains Rose.

I noticed that Rose applied the bleach mixture on my virgin hair last, and this, she says, is done so because virgin hair reacts quickly to the lightening process. Rose further explains, "Since no artificial colors are present, there's nothing to block the bleach from penetrating." Rose uses "eyeball control" in determining how long the bleach must stay on—a technique that only the most experienced colorists are capable of carrying out with ease and precision. 


Afterwards, Rose rinsed off the bleach, applied Elgon's Soothing Milk to calm the scalp and relieve it of itchiness from the bleach, then finished off with a clarifying shampoo to ensure that the bleach was washed away completely. 

In between the bleaching and coloring process, Rose used Olaplex No. 2, a bond perfector which Rose says, "is absolutely necessary." It works synergistically with Olaplex No. 1 as its job is to find more single sulfur hydrogen bonds and cross link them back together without color, lightener or relaxers working against it. In layman's terms, it makes sure that the hair bonds are kept strong and less prone to breakage.


Applying the color onto the hair.

The color application was the most exciting part—Rose chose pastel colors like lilac and antique rose highlights, both by Italian brand Elgon, and applied A LOT of them (we're talking a hundred-plus foil sections) in an alternate manner. The base color, rose gold, was then applied onto the rest of the strands, from root to tip. 
Rose then removed the foil sectioning, shampooed off the color, and used an enhancer or what Rose likes to describe as, "pure pigment mixed with conditioner." This, she says, will make the colors appear more cohesive and balanced.


The power duo behind my look.

The hair makeover was capped with a precision cut by Jude Hipolito to get rid of damaged and processes ends. Jude describes this "urban chic" hairstyle as textured without being piece-y. Jude used a combination of different layering techniques to give my mane a fresh and airy feel, and although he managed to get rid of at least half an inch in length, his unique technique of cutting made my hair look like it had maintained its original length.  


The finished product.

For appointments and inquiries, call JuRo Salon Exclusif at cel. +63 919 991 5027.

Agoo Bengzon is's Expert Columnist for the months of September and October. With 12 years of being Preview's former Beauty Editor under her belt, Agoo is a certified beauty junkie. Her favorite things are brows that are on fleek and a lippie that lasts through dinner. 

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